Prabhas who is relying on KGF director like a mountain .. Pakka plan to catch what is left!

Bhagwati is a super hit film starring Prabhas and directed by Brahmanda director Rajamouli. Fans had high expectations of him in the subsequent films starring Prabhas after he played the protagonist in both the parts.

But after Bhagwati, the film Saho, written and directed by Sujith and starring Prabhas, failed miserably. Since then, Radha Krishnakumar’s romantic film Radhe Shyam, directed by Radha Krishnakumar and released on March 11, has become his second failure.

The film would have turned out to be a super hit good romance film if it had shown a little bit of screenplay that it was working diligently to make this film world class. In a recent interview, Prabhas revealed the reason for the film’s failure.

The corona spread may also be a factor in the film’s not running well. There may have been something lacking in the screenplay as well. Maybe it looks like people in this movie don’t want to see me in that role. There has been extra pressure on the movement directors for the films I will be starring in following the Bhagwati film. I was lucky enough to star in the historical film Bhagwati.

Prabhas has said that he will continue to act in films like that and give his full effort to continue. So Prabhas is next to star in KGF director Prashant Neil’s Salar.

Therefore, the film crew is planning to release the film in 20 languages ​​in 2023 in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. So fans are eagerly waiting to see if Prabhas combo with KGF2 film hit director Prashant Neil will be a success.

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