Prabhu Deva joins Vijay .. A quality event that takes place after 10 years

The Beast movie was recently released under the direction of Nelson Dileepkumar starring Commander Vijay. The film has received mixed reviews but is currently a hit with Vijay’s fans. Mass is also on display in the collection.

Following this, Vijay is currently starring in the Vamsi directed film Commander 66. The film is being shot in Tamil and Telugu and is currently being shot in Hyderabad.

As this is the first Telugu film starring Vijay directly, the film has generated huge anticipation among the fans. And the director has been working hard to make Vijay’s entry in the film very mass.

The introductory song in Vijay’s film is always very lively. Vijay has made a personal request to Prabhu Deva to be in the film as well. Prabhu Deva, who is a close friend of Vijay, also accepted his request and agreed to dance to a song in the film.

Prior to this, Vijay danced to a song from the 2012 Prabhu Deva directed Akshay Kumar starrer Rowdy Rathore. Vijay, despite being a great actor, did this thing for Prabhudeva.

That much comes from a good friendship between the two of them. Due to that, after ten years, Prabhu Deva has accepted Vijay’s request in his busy work and is set to dance in this film.

Over the past few days the production management has been releasing the list of stars who will star in the film Commander 66. Vijay’s fans are currently in celebration as Prabhu Deva is also online in this film.

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