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Pregnant serial actress Shreya, viral video- but?

Marriages to serial celebrities followed at the end of last year. Shabana-Aryan marriage took place in November, followed by Madan-Reshma marriage.

Then in December Sidhu-Shreya got married. Celebrity wedding photos and videos have all gone viral on social media.


There is a separate focus for the fans on the new celebrities Sidhu-Shreya for the cinema. The couple has been putting up many celebrations since the marriage ended.

They even bought a new car and then Shreya’s sister’s wedding celebrations took place. It was all the color they recorded on their YouTube page.

In this situation one video of actress Shreya getting pregnant goes viral. But Shreya has done make-up like she is pregnant and they have acted like that for an advertisement.

Fans who do not know this exactly have been congratulating the couple.

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