Preview of the latest episode of the anime Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Summary of the first half

Watch anime online Bleach : Thousand Year Blood War or Bleach Bleach Blood War Episode 21.5 Summary of the first half There is a little time for a breather. After Kurosaki, Ichigo arrives at the Seoul Society and faces many Star Crusaders. And again and again Ishida. Uryu also joins Juhabash and his enemies as they make their way to Rey-o’s palace. For now, we’re going to look at the content of the past before jumping back into the action. Follow Bleach Bleach every Saturday night. Around 10:30 p.m.

The second battle of the war between the Reaper and the Quincy, who are preparing for Juhabash’s “Nine-Day Apocalypse”, begins. The fierce, bloody battles on both sides caused great damage to Seoul society and its troops.

Kurosaki’s page It’s Ichigo. He underwent a special education and learned the secrets of his birth. This gives him new powers and the determination to protect his valuable allies.

On the other hand, Ishida Uryu Quincy was the only one to survive Juhabash’s sacred selection. He turned his head to ally himself with Juhabash. Opponents of Ichigo The time to say goodbye has finally arrived.

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