Priyanka’s salary for one episode .. As if to surpass Attadi heroines

Vijay TV has been keeping the fans entertained with innovative reality shows till now. Vijay TV knows that if it can get so many fans in such a short period of time, it has to use innovative tactics and is acting accordingly.

Priyanka Deshpande is the presenter of various reality shows aired on Vijay TV. He hosts the show with a lot of humor and vivacity. He has a separate fan base for that.

Priyanka has also won the Best Supporting Actress award at Vijay TV’s Television Awards three times in a row. To be like this, Priyanka competed as a contestant in the last Big Boss Season 5 show. Fighting with the lotus in it was like a toddler play as soon as you make peace.

Thus began the negative reviews for Priyanka. But his fans have always been supportive of him. That’s why they managed to finish second in Big Boss Season 5. In this situation, Vijay is doing his hostess job on TV again after the Big Boss show.

In this situation, Vijay’s salary has been revealed on TV and has surprised the fans. That means Priyanka is said to be earning up to Rs 2 lakh per episode alone. Duff’s salary is enough to give actresses a surprise to many.

The news that Priyanka is going to star on the silver screen also surfed the internet recently. But it is not known to what extent that is true. Many people are criticizing Priyanka for earning so much on Vijay TV.

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