Producer who harshly criticized KGF 2 movie! “To spoil Tamil cinema” ..

Beast & KGF 2

Recently two big anticipated movies like Beast and KGF 2 were released in the next few days.

The other two films have been huge box office hits in Tamil Nadu. Yet many have criticized the Beast film and praised the KGF 2 film.

In this situation, the famous producer of Tamil cinema CV Kumar has expressed his controversial opinion about KGF 2 movie.

Criticized producer

It reads “A Thorn Flower, Wedding Gift, No Time to Fall in Love, Recently Pitch, Gambling, Mundasupatti Chess Hunt, Jigarthanda, Today Yesterday Tomorrow, Madras, Kakapo, Deeran Chapter One, Final Round, North Chennai, Ratchasan, Monster, Pariyerum Perumal, Prisoner, Sarpetta, Sarpetta This mass masala kolar gold field is the best of the best Tamil cinema is better than all this, please.

It’s a good entertaining film, but my feeling is that it does not match the level of our masterpieces. “

This is Super Singer fame Senthil Rajalakshmi- their new incarnation, mixed video

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