Producer who made Madhavan ugly! Mass retaliation he gave in the next film

Actor Madhavan is currently one of the most popular people all over India. His next film Rocketry is expected to receive worldwide acclaim not only in Indian cinema.

Madhavan may be the most respected hero right now, but it has now come to light about a producer who was ugly because he initially became a film flop.

Madhavan acted in the movie Ennavale after the hit Alaipayuthey. After that the producer of the film in which he was to act said that he could not give him a big salary at all.

Madhavan angrily walked away from the film, saying, “I thought they were paying for my acting and beauty, but my previous film determined everything.”

After that Madhavan has given a hit by acting in the movie Run. The same producer came looking for him again and asked ‘Can you pay the salary I ask for?’ Asking, he has been asked to pay a sum up to the extent of having a heart attack.

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