Producers who sighed with relief .. Vadivelu lying on the floor

Vadivelu has come to act in a way that fulfills the expectation of the fans to act again. Now that the red card ban is all over and Vaigai Vadivelu has jumped back on the field.

Mimis have been flying since he arrived. And after a long hiatus, Vadivelu’s dog Sehgar is set to dance to a song from the film Returns.

Likewise came a great desire on Vadivelu for the producers. The fear is whether he will shoot properly, finish the film and spoil the film by making a fuss again.

But the shooting has come properly and he has completed the film ‘Dog Shaker Returns’. There is only one song scene. It is a montage song starring Vadivelu and Sivani. The film is ready if it is only possible.

Vadivelu has proved himself through the subsequent films in which he has acted as a comedian to all the producers who at one time were scared to look at Vadivelu. Thus all the producers are currently in the process of filming with Vadivelu.

So Vadivelu, who has been frustrated with not being able to enter the cinema for some time, has made good use of the second innings which has just started and the fans are eagerly waiting to see his upcoming films and laugh heartily.

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