Producers who supported Arun Pandyan .. It is a pity that only Arvind Sami was disturbed

Initially when Aravindsamy played the hero he was gaining a united female fan base. Aravindsamy, who is currently playing the villain, has a large fan base. In this situation, Aravindsamy has signed on to play the lead role in several films.

Recently Iyengar Films founder Arun Pandi made a comment. This means that the salaries of leading actors like Rajini, Vijay and Ajith are higher than the budget of the film. He had thus expressed his opinion that it was wrong for heroes to be paid more.

How can a producer cope if the heroes’ salaries are higher than the film’s budget. Thus some production companies buy interest outside and take the picture. It has been almost two years since the shooting of such films. Or is one year old.

In such a situation, the heroes get paid crores of rupees in the first place. Thus for a year he has expressed interest in their salaries and the notion that the producers are bearing the brunt. They also demanded that the heroes pay their salaries after the release of the film.

While this is fair on the one hand, if the heroes are told to pay so much after the film’s release, the producers will not pay a decent salary even if the film makes a profit. This is why many heroes get paid for talking nonsense before the film starts.

In this case, Aravindsamy has said that we should not cause such a problem to the producer and pay him after the completion of the film. The release of the film was a huge hit and the producer made a good profit. But Aravindsamy is still fighting for the salary of the film.

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