‘Psychokinesis’ Ending, Explained: Does Suk Hun Surrender To Police?


What would you raise out if you occur to awakened in the end with psychokinetic vitality? If you occur to would possibly perchance perchance per chance control things neutral by making an allowance for, Will you develop correct into a superhero and save the arena? Or develop correct into a infamous villain? In “Psychokinesis,” Suk Hun, a man in his 40s or 50s, finds this kind of superpower and grabs a job as a magician. Rapidly, his existence takes a turn, and he does develop correct into a superhero, no longer for the arena, but for his daughter. Written and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, “Psychokinesis” aspects Ryu Seung Ryong and Shim Eun Kyung in lead roles.

‘Psychokinesis’ Position Abstract

A highschool pupil, Shin Ru Mi, lives with her mother, they veritably traipse a fried chicken restaurant together. Their restaurant is principal and has even been featured within the files. Her father had left them when Ru Mi changed into younger, and neither did they meet nor dangle any contact with every other in a while. Ru Mi hates her dad and has never tried to meet him. She is satisfied with her mom alone.

Shin Suk Hun, Ru Mi’s father, lives alone in a shabby one-room house and works as a security guard. He hasn’t given any attention to his estranged household and has been living fortunately ever since. A fashioned security guard’s existence changes when a minute meteor crashes on a mountain and its substances mix into the spring water. Suk Hun, who’s mountain hiking on the mountain, drinks that spring water and begins feeling uneasy. On the identical night, he experiences a strong outburst of energy from his body. The subsequent morning, he finds out that he can switch things neutral by exasperated about them.

While Suk Hun is overjoyed by his newly chanced on ability, he receives a call from Ru Mi, to fetch the files of her mom’s surprising loss of life. Ru Mi, her mother, and other store owners from their market are struggling with with gangsters who are forcing them to scurry away. The combat turns violent, and the gangsters assassinate Ru Mi’s mother accidentally. When Suk Hun goes to the funeral dwelling, he’s saddened by his daughter’s condition and needs to enhance her, but she refuses. The violent combat goes on even after the tragic loss of life, and Suk Hun joins it for her daughter’s sake. With Suk Hun’s superpower at hand, will he be capable to give protection to his daughter and rep the store owners their stores motivate?

Why did Suk Hun Shuffle away His Household?

When Ru Mi changed into younger, her household’s financial set changed into pleasurable ample for them to rep via existence. But one mistake from her father modified all of it. Suk Hun had given a converse for a loan taken by his friend, and his friend ran away with the money and disappeared. As a means to preserve away from points for Ru Mi and her mother, Suk Hun divorced his higher half to preserve them exact. He did so to preserve his household away from any financial peril, and he faced the punishment of his mistake alone.

Ru Mi changed into too younger to attain why her father acted that plot. She only remembers that her father pretended no longer to notion her when she stood at the door and watched him scurry away at the ruin of morning time. Now that Ru Mi is all by herself, Suk Hun needs to became her father for real and bewitch care of her. He did not prefer her to whisper in opposition to the gangsters and lose her existence admire her mother, but Ru Mi is stubborn, and she would no longer let her mother’s loss of life scurry in vain. Within the stay, Suk Hun joins his daughter within the combat due to all he wants is her security.

‘Psychokinesis’ Ending Defined

Suk Hun joins the whisper and fights the gangsters alone with his psychokinetic vitality. The gangsters were employed by the Taesan construction company, which changed into going to redevelop the market. With Suk Hun’s vitality, it changed into that you just’re going to be capable to mediate of to defeat the protesters. For the time being, the director of Tae-san company, Hong, had the vitality of cash in her hands, and she made a entire conception to capture Suk Hun and, within the intervening time, obliterate the protesters. On the different hand, she underestimated Suk Hun’s vitality whereas making her conception.

Director Hong digs up grime on Suk Hun and traps him with criminal accusations. The police arrested Suk Hun and locked him up. Director Hong has offered off the police, and whereas Suk Hun changed into undergoing interrogation, both the gangsters and the police started attacking the defensive citadel that Suk Hun had built with his vitality. Suk Hun accidentally will get a discover of the assault on TV and loses his frosty. He breaks out of penal advanced and flies to his daughter with his vitality. Most of the damage had already been done, and police had caught Ru Mi. Suk Hun fights with them alone and saves the total protesters. Suk Hun makes utilize of all of his would possibly perchance perchance per chance to save a entire lot of Ru Mi when she falls from the trolley within the sky.

After ensuring all americans’s security, Suk Hun surrenders himself to the police. He knows that the police will likely be at the motivate of him and won’t scurry away the protesters alone either. He surrenders as a protester for doing public damage. This turns correct into a sizzling files topic at the nationwide level and no longer only ends the whisper but additionally the redevelopment mission. The market changed into demolished anyway, and Ru Mi had started her restaurant again with the compensation money. After serving his sentence in penal advanced, Suk Hun went motivate to Ru Mi, who authorized him fortunately and named her fresh restaurant after her father, “Superpower Hen.”

In Conclusion

“Psychokinesis” is full of entertainment and is an intriguing casual glimpse. The motion scenes are no longer intense, except for for some in the end of the last combat scene when Suk Hun tries to save a entire lot of Ru Mi. Suk Hun is a comical persona, and it exhibits via his body when he performs tricks with psychokinesis. It’s an everyday Asian motion comedy, which can absolutely preserve you entertained for 2 hours.

“Psychokinesis” is a 2018 Slip Comedy film written and directed by Sang-ho Yeon.

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