Puduchu Puducha Kilamburangale .. Mass Villains Alliance in Commander 66

Famous Telugu actress Rashmika Mandana is playing the heroine in Commander 66 movie and not only this, every update is available every day, in this movie Vijay is playing the role of brother Sham and senior actor Sarathkumar is playing the lead role.

The film focuses on the family background. The film stars Prabhu, Prakashraj, Sangeetha and Jayasudha among others.

Actor Yogibabu also shared a photo on his Twitter page with them and confirmed that Commander 66 has joined the film. The inclusion of famous actors in the lead role has added to the anticipation for Commander 66.

Now the film is set to star popular Telugu actor Srikanth Mega in the lead role, who is the husband of Shivarajini who has acted in several Tamil films including Lullaby and Palace Guard.

Srikanth Mega may have been intimidated into playing the villain in the recently released Telugu superstar Balakrishna starrer Aganda. So it is doubtful whether he will play Vijay’s brother or villain in this film. Not only that but they may be choosing a new villain character for this movie.

In this situation, an additional information has been released that the film will be released for Pongal in 2023 and the fans are excited. So much for this film Great cast crowd The fan base is terrified that it will be okay if the film is not spoiled by the cast.

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