Pushpa 2 shooting stop: Action taken by the director after watching KGF 2

Pushpa is one of the biggest hits in Indian cinema this year. Allu Arjun, Rashmika, Bahadur and many others were in the cast. It became a huge hit as Samantha played a song.

Since the first part was a huge hit they set aside even more budget for the second part and started to take it very seriously. It has been reported that the shooting has been halted as it was in full swing.

KGF2 is currently getting a huge reception more than the response to the Pushpa film. So director Sukumar has decided that Pushpa 2 should be even bigger.

So he has stopped shooting and is in the process of making some changes to the script of the film. So it looks like Pushpa 2 will be launching soon with even more grandeur.

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