Pushpa Day 14 Field Region of job Sequence: Allu Arjun Starrer’s ₹200 Billion Dream Appears to be like In Jeopardy

pushpa day-14-field-region-of-job-sequence:-allu-arjun-starrer’s-₹200-billion-dream-appears-to-be-like-in-jeopardy

Pushpa’s a success mosey continues! The movie, which stars Allu Arjun in the lead, has scored a double century. Given the Covid-19 concern across the nation, it’s a feat to be comfortable with. Let’s seek for a formula it did at the box characteristic of job on the second Thursday, i.e. day 14. Given beneath is an in-depth file on Pushpa Day 14 box characteristic of job series. 

Delhi’s theatres were closed since the day gone by. Night curfews were declared in a few other states. All of this has had an affect on Allu Arjun’s movies to some stage. Despite this, the movie has achieved an out of this world box characteristic of job success.

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Pushpa Day 14 Field Region of job Sequence (Net Earnings)

Day 1 Friday Dec 17 ₹45.7 Cr 
Day 2 Saturday Dec 18 ₹31.04 Cr 
Day 3 Sunday Dec 19 ₹33.56 Cr
Day 4 Monday  Dec 20 ₹16.15 Cr
Day 5 Tuesday Dec 21 ₹11.21 Cr
Day 6 Wednesday Dec 22 ₹8.24 Cr
Day 7 Thursday Dec 23 ₹6.17 Cr 
Day 8 Friday Dec 24 ₹6 Cr
Day 9 Saturday Dec 25 ₹9.76 Cr
Day 10 Sunday Dec 26 ₹10.23 Cr
Day 11 Monday Dec 27 ₹4.7 Cr
Day 12 Tuesday  Dec 28 ₹3.89 Cr
Day 13 Wednesday Dec 29 ₹3.66 Cr
Day 14 Thursday Dec 30 ₹3.00 Cr
Total     ₹193.39 Cr 

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