Quality event that is going to happen .. Bhagya who is going to become a trend

While making no mistake in Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial, Bhagya’s business has come under fire due to false rumors.

So when Bhagya is confused as to how to fix this, Ehil comes up with an idea. That is, a guest comes to Bagya’s house and Bagya prepares breakfast for him.

Ehil asks Bhagya how many kinds of food you can make in an hour and immediately Bagya tells you that you can cook about 30 kinds of food.

Ehil believes that by using this time properly, he will take a video of what she cooked and upload it on YouTube, trending Bagya’s cuisine and thereby giving Bagya’s business a chance to flourish again.

Similarly, Ehil used social media to start Baghdad’s business, and similarly he is going to grow Baghdad’s business with the video he is currently making.

She also decides to nominate for Guinness World Records in recognition of Bagya’s talent. So Ezhil’s attempt was successful and Bhagya is going to be the best businessman in the coming days as a lion girl in the serial.

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