On the heels of the new trailer launched today, Peacock revealed a poster for the upcoming series Queer as Folk, along with some brand-new images from Season 1. Arranged to premiere in early June, the remake series follows a group of varied buddies who unite after a stunning disaster alters the lives of New Orleans LGBTQIA+ occupants.

The poster is everything about the primary cast, and it bears the faces of Devin Method (Grey’s Anatomy), Fin Argus (The Talented), Jesse James Keitel (Big Sky), CG (Acts of Criminal Offense), Johnny Sibilly (Hacks), and Ryan O’Connell (Unique) in an image that can be viewed in 2 ways: The very first one is a kaleidoscopic mosaic that recommends the variety of the cast. Or, if you wish to get more actual, it can be a damaged mirror versus a pink background that referrals the shooting at the Babylon gay club, which will shock the lives of all characters and, as the trailer recommends, will be among the season’s primary arcs.


Both analyses of the image are highlighted by the tagline, which checks out “shatter expectations.” Aside from being a message, the line can be a recommendation to the series itself: As unexpected as it might sound, the initial Queer as Folk series (British and American) did not have variety, something that will be remedied by the brand-new variation. Restart series developer Stephen Dunn (Closet Beast) is bringing Black, trans, nonbinary, and queer characters front and center, and as series writer Jaclyn Moore (Dear White People) exposed, they won’t be “saintly heroes bravely surviving a bigoted society or two-dimensional queer-coded villains that feel airdropped in from some previous era”. The concept is to make them flawed and, certainly, human.

The brand-new images display more of what we can anticipate to see in Season 1, consisting of stunning drag queen looks that would definitely be included in RuPauls Drag Race, what appears to be an extremely uncomfortable supper celebration, folks enjoying at Babylon (and in bed), and a vehicle set on fire. Is some sort of revolt coming? We definitely hope so!

Initial series Queer as Folk formed a whole generation of gay kids in the late 90s and early aughts. Both series showcased a world in which being gay was barely an issue, and they promoted audiences to discover and form their neighborhood in order to feel safe and welcome. We’ve definitely made some development ever since, and now the series is making a much-needed course correction to make other voices, or the “BTQIA+”, be heard. Initial series developer Russell T. Davies (Medical Professional Who) returns as executive manufacturer.

Verified visitor stars of Season 1 consist of Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City), Juliette Lewis (Yellowjackets), Ed Begley Jr. (Young Sheldon), Nyle DiMarco (This Close), Armand Fields (Operate In Development), Chris Renfro (Reno 911!), Eric Graise (Locke & Secret), Olli Haaskivi (The Sinner), and Lukas Gage (The White Lotus).

Peacock bests Queer as Folk on June 9.

Take a look at the poster and images listed below: