Radhika is the commander who holds the family tight .. Will this zodiac work out?

Commander Vijay is currently one of the unavoidable actors in Tamil cinema. Beast was a downfall for Vijay, who continued to give hit films. The film received mixed reviews.

In this case, Vijay’s films with Radhika’s family are all hits. The first was the 2016 film Teri, directed by Aadli and starring Vijay. Radhika played Vijay’s mother in the film.

Radhika played a realistic and mischievous mother in the film. And the film was a huge hit for Vijay. Next up is Sarkar, a 2018 film directed by AR Murugadoss and starring Vijay. Varalachumi Sarathkumar played the role of Willy Komalavalli in this election-centric film.

Radhika’s brother Radharavi also played a negative role in the film. Sarkar was embroiled in many controversies before the film was released but the film was a huge hit when it was released. Vijay is currently starring in his 66th film.

The film is directed by Telugu director Vamsi Bidybili. It has been reported that Sarathkumar will be playing the lead role in the film. Also, photos of Sarathkumar participating in the puja of the film spread on the internet.

Thus if people in Radhika’s family act in a Vijay film then that film is a huge hit. Thus, Vijay is hopeful that Commander 66 will be a huge success. This is the background behind Vijay joining a strong alliance after the failure of the film Beast.

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