Radhika who is stubborn .. Kopi Potta Bale project

Pakiyalakshmi and Pandian Store series which are being aired on Vijay TV are being aired as Maha Sangam. In this situation, for Gopi’s father Ramamurthy’s birthday, Pakiya has brought the same sari for the women in the house.

Seeing this crap, Meena everyone is happy. In this situation Radhika is adamant that Kopi should not come to the birthday party or else Janmath will not talk to you. Thus Kobe burns in anger at everyone in the house.

Radhika then calls Gopi and tells her to go to the birthday function. Radhika immediately hangs up the phone to ask who is Gopi’s Birthday and who is the Teacher. Immediately Gopi calls his friend and says what Radhika said.

Gopi’s friend tells you what Sangu is for the day when he will take Radhika home with you. But Kobe is adamant that I will not let that happen. Kadir hears Kobe saying that he will stop by himself if the birthday function does not take place tomorrow.

Thus little by little the Pandian Stores family becomes suspicious of Gopi’s action. Ehil, Jeeva and Kadir Kannan are also making arrangements for the birthday. Pakkiyalakshmi’s house is weeded out like a balloon.

It remains to be seen in the next few episodes whether this will be his birthday tomorrow or whether Gopi will stop working on something trivial. Thus this maha sangam is to come with many unexpected twists.

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