Radhika’s action decision for Bhagya .. The twist in the Pakiyalakshmi serial

Gopi is currently punishing Bhagya, who made no mistake in Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial, and is plotting too much.

As soon as Bhagya tells all this to Radhika, Radhika decides to talk to Bhagya’s husband as this is the situation for Bhagya herself.

Radhika informs Gopi about this and invites her to come and meet Bhagya’s husband. Radhika, who does not know that Bhagya’s husband is Gopi, is shocked to hear that this is Gopi’s place.

Thus, Thane meets Bagya’s husband and tells him that he is going to talk to Bagya again to start a business. After that Kobe comes home and tells Bagya that you can start a business again.

Many in the family were shocked to hear this. Because only yesterday, Kobe told Baghdad that he should not do any business, and he was confused as to why this sudden change came about.

Gopi, who has thus become a puppet of Radhika Atti, will not hesitate to throw his family away for Radhika in the days to come.

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