Radhika’s action decision .. Gopi who lost as if from the first again!

Her family is backing Bhagya, who is currently out of big trouble on Vijay TV’s Bhagyalakshmi serial. Kobe, however, did not offer his condolences to Baghdad’s recovery, and scolded him for stopping the business of taking cooking orders.

But the fact that Radhika is the only one who speaks with love and affection and support has caused great anger among the serial fans. Besides that Radhika now wants to meet Bhagya and apologize to her.

When Kobe tells him this, he stops for some reason not to meet Bhagya. Radhika’s conversion came as a shock to Gopi, who was overjoyed that Bhagya and Radhika had just parted ways over the issue.

As the goblin climbs the drumstick again, Kobe laments, hitting his head as if the hammer and hammer are coming into place wherever he goes.

And if Gopi, who is escaping every time with his cross-mindedness, soon finds out that there is an inappropriate relationship between Gopi and Radhika due to some circumstances, then Gopi is on the hunt.

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