Radical change of Robert Downey Jr, unrecognizable in his new series

Radical change of Robert Downey Jr, unrecognizable in his new series

Robert Downey Jr. He is currently filming The Sympathizer, the new HBO series that still does not have a release date and in which he will play numerous antagonists. A recent photograph leaked from the set shows the surprising new look of the actor for the expected fiction.

In the photograph, taken in Los Angeles and published by the New York Post, the once great star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks completely unrecognizable, although in November he already had to shave his head with the help of his children for his role in the Serie. Downey Jr now wears a curly red wig with visible receding and looks much older , probably thanks to makeup and even some facial prosthesis.

The Sympathizer is an adaptation of the novel of the same name published by the Vietnamese-American novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen in 2015, with which he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The person in charge of bringing it to the small screen has been Park Chan-wook , who in 2022 released his latest film, Decision to Leave.

In the new series by the South Korean director, Robert Downey Jr. plays the different antagonists with whom his character , a spy from North Vietnam exiled in the US, finds himself throughout the series . These include personalities as diverse as an up-and-coming congressman from Orange County, a CIA agent or a Hollywood film director, which is why the American performer has been wearing so many different looks lately.

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