Raghav Lawrence who turned out to be Bala .. OK if not hitting anyone

Directors who direct a film in Tamil cinema will hire actors well until the scene comes out as realistically as they thought. Bharatiraja is very strict in that regard. There are no actors who do not reprimand him.

That’s why some actresses have bought him a beating. To that extent Bharatiraja will be eye-catching and opinionated at work. Like him, Bala, who is emerging as a successful director of Tamil cinema, will do a lot of things.

He would be embroiled in a lot of negative controversy if he was at the shooting spot. That’s the problem, that’s the problem, that’s where he is. Bala, who definitely behaves in many things like this, expects realism in acting.

After taking a few shots he will buy everyone a good job until it gets better if it is not right. Even if it was a 20 day shooting, even if it was a 200 day shooting he would just throw it in the trash if what he expected did not happen.

He would then repeat the same scenes and shoot from scratch. That’s why each of his films has garnered so many awards. The actors he starred in are also shining as leading stars today.

It turns out that actor Raghav Lawrence is just like Bala. He is currently producing and starring in the film Durga. The first look poster of the film, which is emerging as a thriller, was released a few days ago and impressed everyone.

In this case the film is driven by both stunt masters love and knowledge. They are said to have Raghav Lawrence in the background. As a producer he has been watching scenes from the film’s 18-day shooting.

But he has set aside so many scenes that they all go unnoticed by him. He wanted to make those scenes more realistic so now all of those scenes are being re-shooted.

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