‘Raising Dion’ Season 1: Episodes Recap & Ending, Explained


Netflix’s superhero sequence ‘Elevating Dion’ tells the story of a younger boy, Dion Warren, who discovers that he has superpowers and thereby starts discovering out put off watch over them whereas discovering his map on this planet. The sequence is as worthy about Dion’s mother, Nicole, because it is about him. Nicole, a single mother, will carry out in spite of it takes to retain him protected from the arena. But there’s extra to Dion’s powers than meets the quest for. There is a increased power at play, a power that received’t discontinue till it has absorbed Dion’s powers. The demand is, will Dion be willing for it?

Created by Carol Barbee, ‘Elevating Dion’ Season 1 contains 9 episodes that bustle for a median of 45 minutes.

‘Elevating Dion’ Episodes Summary/Recap

Episode 1: Nicole Warren, a single mother, and her son Dion Warren own honest currently relocated to a fresh Atlanta neighborhood. Dion struggles to absorb chums at college. Nicole, too, has a demanding time managing work and dwelling. Dion’s godfather is Sign, Dion’s colleague and most productive buddy. ‘Elevating Dion,’ Episode 1 straight away introduces us to the undeniable fact that Dion possesses superpowers. Nicole takes Dion to his father, Sign’s cabin by the lake for some peace. She discovers a cost in a single of Sign’s jackets with the establish “Charlotte Tuck” on it along with a bunch. Charlotte Tuck used to be the very girl Sign saved in the storm sooner than shedding his lifestyles. On that very night, a storm kinds over the lake the put Nicole and Dion gaze Sign.

Episode 2: Extra of Dion’s powers are printed. Nicole tries to hunt down out extra about Charlotte Tuck by seeking reduction from Pat, who works at BIONA, a biotechnology firm that’s on the 2d researching climate alternate. Pat finds out that Charlotte went missing after August 12, 2017, the same day Sign died saving her. He too involves know about Dion’s abilities.

Episode 3: At Pat’s advice, Dion receives his father’s look for from Nicole. The look for is imagined to support him focal level his powers. Nicole receives a call from Charlotte Tuck, who tells her that Sign too had powers that he passed on to Dion and that all people most up-to-date on the Aurora tournament in Iceland got powers from the sky that “exploded.” Nicole tells Pat about all this, and Pat exhibits curiosity in speaking to Charlotte. Nicole receives a video from Charlotte depicting “the thing in the storm,” which killed Sign.

Episode 4: Pat takes Dion out to give him a tour of the BIONA facility the put they spoil into a secret lab. Pat discovers that BIONA is discovering out people that were most up-to-date on the Aurora tournament in Iceland. Within the meantime, Dion is willing to heal a fox utilizing his powers, one of many heaps of animals in the lab all of which own been introduced over from Iceland. Nicole finds out extra in regards to the lightning man. 

Episode 5: Episode 5 exhibits what came about to Sign on the Aurora tournament in Iceland. We gaze him experiencing his powers. We gaze his assembly with Charlotte Tuck and the incident that resulted in his death. And it is made advantageous that he used to be killed by the “lightning man.” Coming serve to basically the most up-to-date, it’s Dion’s celebration. That night, Dion sees something in the rain and tells Nicole about it. Nicole too observes Sign in the thunderstorm.

Episode 6: Charlotte Tuck turns up on the Warren situation and has the same opinion to support Dion to put off watch over his powers. Dion’s training begins. Suzanne calls Pat and asks him in regards to the Iceland tournament. Areas spherical the gap the put the incident passed off are undergoing necrosis, but the gap has remained innocuous, and it sounds as if the meteor showers’ effects are protecting it, the same bathe that gave powers to all people that were most up-to-date there. Nicole discovers a reminiscence chip interior Dion’s look for (which is if truth be told his father’s).

Episode 7: Nicole arms over the info she found in the reminiscence chip to Pat for added diagnosis at BIONA labs. Charlotte goes to meet Walter Mills, one of many people on Sign’s checklist of those affected, most productive to hunt down out that he’s ineffective. His son, Brayden, has inherited powers too and can learn minds. Dion is rushed to the clinical institution attributable to a mysterious ailment. Here’s something Nicole doesn’t need, as any take a look at on Dion could well presumably level to his abilities. She too rushes to the clinical institution. Pat arrives with the info he found. Kat manages to heal Din, correct for the CDC (Companies and products for Illness Adjust and Prevention) to scheme and snatch him away forcefully.

Episode 8: Nicole involves learn extra in regards to the storm from Suzanne. At the Warren situation, Charlotte discovers that many people from the Aurora tournament listed in Sign’s be taught are reported missing. Nicole and Pat own a fallout following a revelation by Pat of his feelings for Nicole. Nicole tells Charlotte to no longer let Pat consult with Dion. When Charlotte tries to discontinue Pat from coming into the Warren situation, it enrages Pat, and he finds to Charlotte’s explain shock that he’s the Hooked Man.

Episode 9: Pat kills Charlotte and absorbs her, with Nicole as a spectator. Nicole manages to crawl with Dion and goes to the cabin to conceal. Soon, Pat manages to hunt down out from Dion in regards to the put they’re staying and rapidly turns up on the cabin. But sooner than he can receive his arms on Dion, he manages to teleport away. Nicole tells Suzanne about Pat, but most productive after he rushes to hunt down Dion after focused on Nicole along with his powers. Now we own got map to know that Pat desires Dion to heal him. What follows is an narrative fight between Pat and Dion. Nicole and Dion, accompanied by their chums, Esparanza and Jonathan, organize to kill Pat in his storm kind.

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Analyzing The Theme

‘Elevating Dion’ is stuffed with loads of arcs, e.g., heroism, comic-e-book lore, parenthood, and relationships. Every of those is seamlessly joined to give the recount a lifetime of its hang. Let us spoil down the loads of arcs we mentioned earlier one after the opposite.


Heroism in ‘Elevating Dion’ comes as a surprise. Generally, an particular person that discovers that he or she has superhuman abilities would freak out. They would are trying to discontinuance faraway from assembly people, absorb advantageous to no longer meddle with the powers in any map, and without doubt meander into hiding. Dion, being the out of the ordinary youngster that he’s, embraces his abilities. Here’s but one fragment of his heroism.

The following bit is taking honest correct care of his mother. Now, this doesn’t imply attempting to support her glean a job or take care of her husband’s absence. But at any time when Dion finds his mother terrified, he understands and asks her, “Are you unhappy?” Dion’s microscopic gesture has a ton of carry out in itself and it is these microscopic issues that makes his personality uncommon. 

But it and not utilizing a doubt is rarely any longer correct Dion who exhibits heroism. Nicole, too, fulfills her job as a supermom, taking honest correct care of Dion in each map that you have to well presumably presumably also imagine. What makes her heroism worthy extra palpable to us is her vulnerability. We receive to leer how worthy she misses her husband and how apprehensive she is for Dion’s security and his future. But, her by no formulation-give-up attitude, be it for her job, or to hunt down out extra about her husband, makes her no longer lower than a marvel girl. This brings us to the next arc.

Humorous-e-book Lore

Unnecessary to snort, your entire sequence is style of a comic e-book in that it belongs to the superhero genre. But in the recount, comic books play a considerable role too, especially in the relationship between Dion and Pat. Pat is a comic e-book worm. It’s miles Pat who tells Dion meander about managing his powers. He also tells his mother to give him a system that will reduction him focal level, correct like Thor has his hammer. He even turns into Dion’s “mentor” to support him navigate his transformation into a superhero.

Keeping in ideas how worthy it takes from the superhero genre, ‘Elevating Dion’ artistically makes explain of the comic e-book genre to snatch the placement ahead. This makes the younger people which are searching on the recount connect with it severely better and extra without impart.


Nicole’s parenthood is evidently a element of her heroism. As habitual with people of superheroes, basically the most attention-grabbing thing is to retain their teenagers protected. And here’s something we gaze correct from the initiating of the recount till the cease. Even when she had no concept of Dion’s superpowers, parenthood used to be palpable, credit for which also goes to Alisha Wainwright’s performing. She made the shifts between the loads of facets of her personality leer completely seamless whereas composed having the ability to retain on to her arc.


As for Dion and Nicole, no longer as soon as is there any friction proven, which is most productive natural offered that Dion is correct a teenager. He doesn’t own a father, and thus the entirety revolves spherical his mother. Likewise, for Nicole, Dion is the first focal level on which she has drawn her lifestyles’s circle. She misses her husband, and here’s what makes the bond between Dion and Nicole stronger than habitual. There is on the total give-and-snatch between them about Sign, which in flip keeps him alive in them.

The friendship between Dion and Esparanza could well be portrayed in a mode that will resonate with any household searching on the recount. Dion levitates Esparanza without her permission and learns a lesson about why doing so against her will is imperfect. Frankly speaking, their friendship is directed against how indispensable it is to admire and respect a buddy, or any person for that matter, who has special desires. Moreover, after Dion apologizes to Esparanza, their bond will get stronger. All here’s terribly smartly-drawn.

Between Nicole and Pat, nevertheless, issues aren’t as they give the influence of being. Pat is without doubt one of many nicest guys who’s continuously there to support Nicole and Dion. He if truth be told is Dion’s godfather. Nonetheless, because the recount progresses, we map to know of one other reason he’s the map in which he’s with Nicole. And that’s on legend of he has developed feelings for Nicole. Now, we present out no longer know if these were there whereas Sign used to be alive. But it and not utilizing a doubt sounds as if it used to be Sign’s death that introduced Pat nearer to Nicole on “many ranges.” We uncover that Pat isn’t honest with boundaries and even confronts Nicole, blaming her for cashing in on him on legend of she is conscious of he has feelings for her. This does sound absurd on legend of Pat has been this vogue ever since he got to know Nicole, and basically the most attention-grabbing reason he’s willing to blame Nicole is that he urged her about her feelings in the first space. Nicole used to be continuously this vogue with Pat on legend of she found a buddy in him and no longer on legend of she wished to explain him. It used to be most productive natural for her to “snatch a spoil” from Pat on legend of she didn’t need issues to receive ruined greater than they already had. But this made Pat if truth be told feel even extra unhappy.

Here’s a total thing when we absorb ourselves identified to the person we admire. Generally, we don’t receive the admire serve, which is most productive natural. We is rarely any longer going to demand somebody to admire us correct on legend of we admire them. But when we present out level to our feelings, in spite of they quiz of us appears to be like to be our authorized responsibility, something we’re obliged to carry out. And so we distance ourselves from that person. And all that we breed interior is enrage, and in most cases this enrage of rejection exceeds the admire we own for the person. The equal used to be the case with Pat. And all people is conscious of what came about after that.


At this form of younger age, Ja’Siah Younger delivers a charismatic efficiency despite spearheading a Netflix recount at this form of younger age. He’s willing to replace seamlessly between intense and lighthearted moments, and by no formulation as soon as is he out of personality. He’s Dion Warren.

Alisha Wainwright as Nicole deserves a special mention. Her nuanced efficiency, from battling her job to attempting after her youngster, is flawless. Now now not as soon as does she fall out of personality. It’s also what will absorb many of us, especially single moms and fathers, connect with her attributable to the constant scuttle and pull between dwelling and work.

The true fact that Dion feels out of space and has to manage with powers which are map bigger than him is something we own all stumble upon in many aged superhero alterations, basically the most relatable being Spider-Man. Here’s one of many cornerstones of comic books—no assorted than an analogy for formative years. No matter utilizing a tried-and-edifying formulation, ‘Elevating Dion’ manages to stand out and present viewers with a trustworthy perspective.The recount is as worthy about what makes us human because it is about being a superhero. Here’s what makes ‘Elevating Dion’ launch to all.

‘Elevating Dion’ Ending: What We Can Ask From Season 2?

It’s miles rarely that easy to rupture a storm. That’s a fact. And the ending of ‘Elevating Dion’ proves it. Even after Dion manages to strike Pat correct on the uncovered level of the lightning rod, we gaze a cloud crawl on the cease of it all. The closing scene of episode 9 exhibits the cloud getting interior Brayden, the son of Walter, who’s one other one of those people that got powers on the Aurora tournament.

Even as you happen to’ve considered the trailer for Season 2, you could own noticed a scene the put Pat returns in his nomad leer. He doesn’t appear to own the energy anymore. This appears to be like to veil that the storm has a lifetime of its hang. Its first supply used to be Pat, but after Pat used to be struck down by Dion, it needed to leer for one other physique to abet as its host. As a consequence of this fact, it left Pat, who will return as a current human being. There are composed many people throughout the country who were most up-to-date on the Aurora tournament. Now now not to fail to recollect, some of them could well presumably already own teenagers since years own passed after that tournament. So the children too will own powers. Thus, Season 2 will presumably own the storm leer for all these people so as that it’ll snatch in them too and continue to exist. And let’s no longer fail to recollect that Brayden can learn minds. So the storm will even present you with the likelihood to know what’s in the minds of others.

The Season 2 trailer exhibits Dion at an older stage but composed a teenager. He has made a workforce, the Triangle of Justice, that contains him, Esparanza, and Jonathan. He could well be training at BIONA to put off watch over his powers. But the stakes are greater and there’s extra to the storm than meets the quest for. What stays to be considered is how Dion will present you with the likelihood to face it.

‘Elevating Dion’ is a 2019 Motion Thriller Superhero Sequence created by Carol Barbee. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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