‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – Is Pat The Next Supervillain?


Netflix Series, “Raising Dion” Season 2 continues to explore Dion’s scuttle as a superhero prodigy. He lives with his mother Nicole in Atlanta. He has fashioned a team with his pals Esperanza and Jonathan i.e. the Triangle of Justice as a blueprint to tackle their neighborhood aesthetic. Nonetheless will they be in a spot to attain what it takes when the storm strikes reduction? 

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Relate Summary

Two years possess passed since Dion’s account fight with  the Hooked-Man, and Dion is reduction serving the streets of his neighborhood as a Thoughts-Mover. No, he doesn’t fight criminals. He does social work. From environment rubbish bins to making obvious that every newspaper reaches its door, he does all of it. Aid at BIONA, he is coaching below a man named Teven to manipulate his powers. Nonetheless peace is non permanent this capacity that of the Hooked Man is reduction and has taken tackle of Braydon. And this time, it is a long way extra highly efficient, as a result of Braydon’s mind-modify, which would maybe manipulate individuals’s minds. 

Pat, too, turns up after two years of being presumed to be uninteresting. Once incarcerated, he warns Suzanne, the CEO of BIONA, that something terrible is coming. And quickly enough, Braydon joins Dion’s college. He shows Dion his powers, and Dion is extremely happy. Nonetheless it doesn’t purchase grand time for Dion to know that Braydon is an excellent deal of.

In the intervening time, BIONA discovers a few sinkholes at some level of the nation, objective luxuriate in the one which fashioned after Dion defeated the Hooked Man (Season 1). Further analysis, with help from Pat, who composed has some electrical payment left in him, unearths that the sinkholes additionally carry a energy of the same nature. Later on, we peep the flowers, which possess grown at some level of the sinkhole, dispersing parasitic spores. These spores join to their host, i.e., a person, and flip her or him into on the least a zombie. These zombies are what’s going to change into the Hooked Man’s military towards Dion.

Even handed one of the zombies additionally manages to contaminate Nicole, and she or he doesn’t possess grand time left. There is additionally Dion’s college revue, where he and his pals will form. In the intervening time, at BIONA, Pat and other scientists are trying and figure out an antidote to treatment the infection using Dion’s DNA. Nonetheless there isn’t enough time. Nicole is given an antidote by Suzanne that will highest unhurried down the unfold of the infection. Nicole has 36 hours and holds out as lengthy as she will be able to this capacity that of she desires to compose the most of her time left with Dion. This involves seeing his son form on the revue. Nonetheless objective forward of the efficiency, Braydon, AKA Hooked Man, calls out Dion and challenges him to a fight. Dion additionally accepts this mission this capacity that of he desires to set an discontinuance to the threat his mother and pals face. 

In the final fight, Dion, Nicole, Teven, and Janell(yet every other girl coaching at BIONA), face the Hooked Man and his zombie military. Nicole manages to pull Braydon out of the Hooked Man’s purchase along with her words. This leads the zigzag man to lose his energy. On the other hand, it doesn’t execute him, and he escapes. On the opposite hand, Dion manages to inject the antidote given to Nicole by Suzanne into the flowers in the sinkhole. This kills the infection and turns the zombies reduction into abnormal individuals. Nonetheless all isn’t successfully, because it doesn’t discontinuance successfully this capacity that of the zigzag man returns to Pat’s body every other time. Nonetheless this time Pat voluntarily accepts the darkish energy after being unable to utter his goodness to these whom he wished to help.

The post-credit scene shows Pat in his horrible avatar with an military about to attack Atlanta, when a grown-up Dion lands in front of them.

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Raising Dion Season 2: Analysis

The immense revelation in “Raising Dion” Season 1 turned into that Dion chose Pat as his mentor, whereas Pat turned into the one who killed all these powered individuals, which gave Season 1 a gigantic superhero-starting up keep story. An identical scene occurs between Miles Morales and his uncle Aaron Davis in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Miles loves spending time with his uncle, unaware that his uncle is the Prowler who hunts down individuals for his boss, the Kingpin. 

In “Raising Dion” Season 2, too, there is this dynamic. If we purchase into consideration the Hooked Man as Pat’s boss who took modify of him, then we will be in a position to impart that Pat follows the Hooked Man’s orders to execute highly efficient individuals. The highest contrast is that whereas Aaron didn’t know that Miles turned into Spider-Man till it turned into too slack, Pat knew that Dion had abilities lengthy forward of he turned into killed by Dion.

Even supposing revealed grand later in the expose, the connection between Dion’s mother, Nicole, and Pat is the struggle that establishes Pat’s behavior all along. And the reality that Pat is the villain adds extra gravity to the struggle. We possess now already explored Pat’s behavior in our “Raising Dion” Season 1 analysis.

Nonetheless, “Raising Dion” Season 2 has neither of these. There’s no revelation as antagonistic to the reality that Braydon is the Hooked Man, something we knew from the starting up keep.


Relationships play a significant part in “Raising Dion” Season 2, pretty grand as they did in “Raising Dion” Season 1. After her drop-out with Pat, Nicole meets a novel guy, Teven, who’s Dion’s unique trainer. Even supposing “he is pleasurable,” as she tells her sister Nat, Nicole is clearly hesitant about entering into the leisure that even remotely resembles a relationship. The reality that the earlier guy she turned into so stop to turned into out to be a monster that nearly killed her son makes her not procure enthusiastic with a “energy man.” Persistently, it is a long way made fine that every Tevin and Nicole share a liking, however care has been taken to tackle it that formulation and explore nothing extra. This is an very pleasant step to not letting the expose veer off from the mum-son relationship. As it is a long way, the expose contains 8 episodes, and exploring a luxuriate in relationship will purchase a toll on the major space.

Credit score: Netflix

Season 2 additionally explores the friendship between Dion and Esparanza. While Dion is dealing with his “energy” considerations, Esparanza, too, has a inviting time accepting that she will be able to change into larger than she is. And the full whereas, we peep Dion giving her the enhance that she desires. Even in the final episode, episode 8, Dion tells Esparanza that even though he doesn’t return, he desires her to “be awesome” and hugs her. It’s an adorable and innocent formulation to keep something this necessary. Dion has no idea what’s going to happen next, and neither does Esparanza. Each are struggling with their non-public battles, and the assortment, by showing the two battles parallelly, proves that every are equal to each other. 

Correct as Dion must defeat a monster that wishes to purchase in his abilities, Esparanza must defeat a “alarm” monster that wishes to purchase in her abilities and prevents her from revealing them to others. And the highest part is that after Dion beats the Hooked Man, he returns to peep Esparanza form Jennifer Hudson’s tune “And I’m telling you I’m not going.” The tune not highest encapsulates the friendship between Dion and Esparanza however additionally that of Dion with his mother, Nicole. The tune settles the ratings and makes for a ideally honorable ending.


In relation to characterization, Pat is the highlight. He returns after two years to help, no matter shining the implications. And indeed, he turned into taken into custody. He warns all individuals that something terrible is coming, and he capacity to help. Nonetheless Pat’s incapacity to fetch the treatment and present his usefulness affects his possibilities of proving that he desires to help. And he understands this clearly, as is evident from his glum expressions when he is unable to extract the P strand from Dion’s DNA. He knows that the treatment is extremely not going to compose without it. He knows that Nicole will die without the treatment. He knows that an excellent deal of lives are at stake and that there’s not grand time. Nonetheless he can highest attain so grand. Nonetheless all right here’s to no avail as, after the entirety he tried to attain, he is composed held accountable for his past actions. 

This continuous denial of acceptance no matter attempting to attain stunning and be better leads him to deem that he’s going to always be in the incorrect it is not in actuality crucial what he does. Thus, he decides to live by his non-public tips. So he does the neatest thing he could maybe to procure himself out of the cell and be free from the entirety as soon as and for all. He injects the serum into himself and beneficial properties unique abilities, escapes from his cell, and, as fate would possess it, comes at some level of the Hooked Man and imbibes it in him.

Nicole’s persona is added with extra practicality and involvement in “Raising Dion” Season 2. We peep her procure obsessed with Dion’s coaching in that she helps Janelle cope along with her powers. She additionally will get obsessed with helping fetch the treatment for the infection first-hand, which straight or not straight results from her being attacked by a flowers-powered zombie. She additionally fights the zombies alongside her son on the discontinuance, which is absurd since sometime earlier, she couldn’t even stroll well as a result of her infection. Nonetheless we forgive that, don’t we?

Each Teven and Janelle possess proven their inner most disorders, however nothing extra has been explored about them. Teven’s village is talked about as soon as, and these that possess be taught the comics it will likely be in a spot to designate the reference. Moreover, there is Teven’s alarm, whereas Janelle has her alarm of rejection. We are in a position to request each these arcs to be explored better in the next season as successfully as Nicole’s budding relationship with Teven.

Credit score: Netflix

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Ending – Is Pat the Next Supervillain?

The post-credit scene of “Raising Dion” Season 2 shows an horrible Pat in his murky outfit and his military of droids that resemble stormtroopers about to invade Atlanta. Nonetheless objective then comes Dion, who’s all grown up now. He has a swimsuit with a cape too. From the appears to be like to be like of it, Pat’s blueprint after having accrued an military is to manipulate a city, then a nation, and then, maybe even the realm. 

Domination and ardent following are two necessities for any supervillain, as such. Regardless, Atlanta appears to be like to be the placement for “Raising Dion” Season 3’s battleground. And we must additionally not omit that David Marsh, the newly hired VP of Operations at BIONA, has provided his products and companies to Pat. So there will be extra of him too. So, Dion will additionally desire to up his strength and compose better modify over his powers to fight. As for the Triangle of Justice, it should doubtlessly be renamed the Pentagon of Justice in “Raising Dion” Season 3 since we possess two unique additions, Teven and Janelle, who will be joining the ranks.

“Raising Dion” Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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