Rajamavuli is a Tamil director who has teamed up with Ramcharan in the RC15 combo

RRR, directed by Rajamouli and starring Ramcharan, Jr., NDR, was released in March this year and grossed over Rs 1,100 crore. So following the success of this film, Ramcharan co-starred with his father Chiranjeevi in ​​yesterday’s film Acharya which was a huge failure without getting enough reception.

Rajamavuli was first Lucky Sam for Prabhas. This is because after Bhagwati, films like Saho and Radhe Shyam starring Prabhas were a huge hit and hit the box office.

That is why at present Ram Saran’s Acharya film is not getting enough reception and only negative comments are accumulating. The film was released in Telugu only without being released as a Pan India film and has grossed only around Rs 8 crore on its first day.

Also, Ramcharan has given the responsibility of directing his 15th film to director Shankar. Shankar is also expected to make his RC15 film a hit for Ram Charan as he is also a giver of acclaimed hits.

So Ram Charan, who is keen to star in the next film directed by Rajamavuli, is urging RRR to take the second part soon. But Rajamouli, who is currently directing Maheshbabu, is busy with the film.

So Ramcharan approaches Rajamouli with the intention of turning his next film into a hit, but Rajamouli is in a situation where he is unable to direct his film and is left speechless.

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