Rajini Sutarith refused to act in the film .. then Sarathkumar starrer became an utter flop

Superstar Rajinikanth’s movies will be celebrated with fanfare all over the menu. Director KS Ravikumar Superstar Rajinikanth alliance will always be good in this situation. At this point, the filming of Jakubai, which was to be released in a combo of the two, was stopped halfway through. Let us now see what the reason may be.

Superstar Rajinikanth, who starred in director KS Ravikumar’s films including Muthu and Padiyappa, was a huge success in both the films.

In this situation Rajinikanth rejoined KS Ravikumar’s alliance to give back. Shooting went on for a few days for the film, which is titled Jaggubai. Rajinikanth abruptly decided not to act in the film as the first look poster of the film was released and caused a stir among the fans.

The first look poster of the movie Jaggubai has a poster of Rajinikanth dressed as an Afghan militant, with a gun on his forehead and a gun on his side. In it, Rajinikanth will be like the people of Afghanistan. This provoked huge opposition from the fans. And we wrote the story of the first half of Jakubai. The story of the second half was similar to the story of the movie Badshah, which is why it was dropped.

At this stage KS Ravikumar directed the movie Jaggubai starring actor Sarathkumar and actress Shreya. Released in 2010, the film was shot in Australia. The film was a huge failure as the plot was not very interesting. Not only that, but the film was a huge blow to Sarathkumar, who was growing up at the time.

But superstar Rajinikanth neatly abandoned the film and started acting in several super duper hit movies in succession. Rajinikanth then starred opposite director KS Ravikumar in the 2014 film Linga. A. R. KS Ravikumar will be teaming up with Rajini again to show his elegant direction in the film as Rahman’s music has received mixed reviews.

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