Rajinikanth, who was deceived as an honorary role, is the director who escaped by defeating the superstar.

Rajinikanth, the supreme actor of Tamil, has a habit of speaking very openly. Even if he says some things implicitly everyone including him fan will understand what he is saying in it. But Rajinikanth has sometimes spoken openly but many times indirectly.

He openly admits that if some films fail. But the fans deny this and then come up with another story. But the exception to this is the incidents that took place after the 2008 Kuchelan film.

After the release of the film and its failure, everyone slammed Rajini. But Rajini, who responded then, said that I had said the puja of the Kuchelan film on the same day. That my share in this film is only 25 percent. After that Director Vasu put a lot of scenes for me. I said honorable role .. I asked if you put so many scenes. Persuaded. They also asked not to say that it was an act of honor.

Initially, it was decided to shoot the film in Tamil only. Then they decided to take it in Telugu as well. When asked about the Malayalam rights of the film, the producer said that he would give ‘Rights’ only if he included me as a partner. When everything was done, arrangements were made for dubbing in Malayalam as well.

The film was priced at Rs 60 crore and Rs 65 crore. I said no to it. I told him to sell for less and release in fewer theaters. Did not ask. What’s wrong with me?

If I make a mistake, I will admit it myself. I did not make a mistake. I was given for that film, not 25 crores. Certainly not 25 crore. You asked about failure. A film will only succeed if the fans come again and again. That’s the fate of the film.

The failure of the film was blamed on Pashupati who acted in Tamil and Jegapathi Babu who acted in Telugu. Films starring Rajini are his face and business is at the forefront. He then blamed others for what he called a cast roll. Similarly, Kavidalaya, who produced the film, and Sun, who distributed it, sold it at a high price and made a mistake.

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