Rajkiran’s act of not forgetting gratitude .. The man who still sees God

Actor Rajkiran made his acting debut in the 90s film ‘Enna Petha Rasa’ and later in ‘En Rasa’s Manasile’.

Since then he has not only acted in over 25 films in Tamil cinema but also produced and directed a few films. In particular, all of his paintings are unique,

Most of Rajkiran’s films are mostly about family story and are well received by the people. Ilayaraja can put songs to such a Rajkiran without listening to the story of the film.

It was Ilayaraja who made all his films a hit. Ilayaraja has composed the music for Rajkiran’s first film, Enna Petta Rasave, and subsequently for all the films including My Rasa’s Manasile, Aranmanaikkili, Everything is My Rasa.

That is why he has cut 60 feet for Ilayaraja who has achieved so much success. Not only that, Ilayaraja was waiting for him, pretending that he would buy the hundredth day seal by hand. To this day Rajkiran has been giving equal value to God to Ilayaraja.

Thus he was a man who never forgot to thank Ilayaraja. Rajkiran is currently retiring from acting in character roles in recent films.

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