Rakhi Sawant gets ridiculed for mocking tribal clothes, case registered

Mumbai- Drama queen Rakhi Sawant is always in the news for her statements and dressing sense. Rakhi’s song ‘Mere Varga’ is going to be released very soon. Rakhi wore a belly dance dress during the promotion of the song. The actress described her dress as a ‘tribal outfit’. Rakhi is in trouble for making fun of tribal clothes. An FIR has been lodged against the actress at SC-ST police station in Jharkhand. Has been registered.


The complaint against Rakhi has been lodged by the Central Sarna Committee, a leading organization of the tribal community. The committee said in the complaint that Rakhi Sawant’s wearing of “dirty clothes” which she described as “tribal dress” had brought disrepute to the tribal community. Ajay Tirkey, president of the Central Sarna Committee, said, “People from the tribal community do not wear such clothes. It is objectionable to call it a tribal costume by wearing belly dance clothes and this is making the people of the society feel humiliated. We have registered an FIR against him. Has been registered and we are demanding his arrest as soon as possible.

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Ajay further said, “He will soon meet Union Minister Arjun Munda and give him the go-ahead. Until Rakhi Sawant apologizes, none of their programs will be allowed in Jharkhand.


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