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Rakshan’s salary for an episode of Cook with a clown

Vijay TV’s Cook With Clown on reality shows is a big hit with iconic fans. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

Before coming to Vijay TV, he hosted reality shows on various private TV channels like Raj TV and Artist TV. Since then Vijay has been using the opportunity he got on TV to become more and more popular through the show Cook With Clown.

Rakshan was honored with the Best Host Award at this year’s Vijay Television Awards. Since then there has been a viral talk on social media that the salary is one lakh per episode of Rakshan on the show Cook With Clown.

Rakshan has already co-hosted the comedy show ‘Who’s Gonna Mix’ with Jacqueline and gave it a hit. He then got the chance to play the second protagonist in Tulkar Salman’s ‘Kannum Kannum Kollayadittal’.

He came back to Vijay TV as there were no big opportunities after the film and became the leading presenter of Vijay TV as he entertained the fans in timing and rhyming comedies with Cook and the clowns through the show Cook With Clown.

So as the clowns who laugh at the Cook With Clown show continue to get film opportunities, Rakshan and his fans are commenting on social media sites that he needs to grow even more.

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