Rakshita talking about division .. Is this a test for a girl?

Rakshita is best known for her role in the Saravanan Meenakshi series, a super hit serial aired on Vijay TV. Rakshita co-starred with Bigg Boss Gavin in the series. Following this, Rakshita starred in several serials on the same television.

In this case the two of us starred opposite Mercy Senthil in the series. But for some reason, Zee has left the series and is acting in a series of stories that he forgot to tell in Tamil. Rakshita was currently interviewing a media outlet in this regard.

That is, she has lost her husband in the story series she forgot to tell and is acting as a mother to two children. So this character is said to fit in with my own life. I mean I said I was lonely now too.

Rakshita Vijay fell in love with and married Dinesh, who starred with her in the TV series Brivom Chandipom. Since then Dinesh has acted in some iconic series. After that Rakshita and Dinesh co-starred in the Nachiyapuram series aired on Zee Tamil TV.

After that, a fight broke out between Rakshita and Dinesh as Dinesh did not get a chance in the serial. The two often got into an argument after Dinesh thought his wife was earning more than him.

Thus Rakshita is currently living alone. That is why Rakshita has said in the interview that she is lonely now. Rakshita also said in the interview that she has the maturity to deal with the situation.

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