Ranbir Kapoor’s mother-in-law got an expensive gift from Sony, you will be surprised to know the price

Mumbai-After a long wait Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt got married, now their wedding photos are in a lot of discussion. You already know the details of Alia and Ranbir’s wedding look. But do you know the gifts that couples and guests receive on their wedding day? No no … no problem, you will find out in this report.


Ranbir received a valuable gift from his mother-in-law

It is learned that Ranbir and Alia got engaged on their wedding day. Ranbir Kapoor got the band then Alia Bhatt got the diamond ring. Alia’s mother Soni Rajdan gave her son-in-law Ranbir Kapoor an expensive watch as a gift. Sony has given a watch of a brand which is difficult to find easily. Sources said that the watch which Ranbir received as a gift from his mother-in-law was worth Rs 2.50 crore.


According to custom, gifts are also given to the wedding guests. All the guests were given a selected Kashmiri shawl of Alia Bhatt’s choice. The material of these shawls was the best. Every guest who came to the wedding wearing this precious shawl was happy. Sources say the shoe-hiding ceremony was a lot of fun. There was a lot of fun. The girls of Bhatt family demanded Rs 11.5 crore from Ranbir Kapoor. After a lot of fun, Ranbir Kapoor handed over an envelope of Rs 1 lakh to his sister-in-law.

Alia’s not a big ceremony

It is reported that Alia’s grand ceremony was not held. The reason for this has also come to light. If Alia had a Chura ceremony, she would have to wear Chura for at least 40 days and it was difficult for Alia to do so. Alia has to shoot her new film very soon. This is likely to be his Hollywood debut project. Due to this, it would not be possible for Alia to carry a wide load for 40 days.

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