Ratchasan who taught acting to Kamal .. the demon who surpassed the Lord

Next to actor Tilak Shivaji in our Tamil cinema, Kamal Haasan has made his mark in acting. The fact is that even today there is no one who surpasses his performance. That is why he is called the world leader and lord by the fans.

Kamal Haasan, who has been acting since childhood, has taken Viswaroopam from Kalathur Kannamma and today he has occupied an unshakable place for himself in Tamil cinema. If he comes in front of the camera every part of the face will show every expression.

He has an insatiable craze for acting to that extent. If you give a character, his specialty is to absorb it as it is and become that character. That is why many people say that he is the best example of acting.

He is eager to learn new things at any age and has mastered all disciplines including dance and make-up. Many say that today’s generation of actors should learn acting from him.

But it was someone else who learned such Kamal acting. This may come as a surprise to many. But this is my role model. Kamal Haasan has said in several interviews that I learned acting by watching him.

He is none other than the famous Hollywood actor Al Pacino. This is Kamal’s acting guru. His performances in films such as The Godfather and Hood the Recruit are a testament to his amazing performance. The Godfather movie was made on a small budget and saw many times the profit.

And each of the films he has starred in will amaze us. He is the one who can give his full commitment for the role he is playing. That is why many call him the University of Acting.

He has won many awards, including the Oscars, and is a star who has been shining for generations. He is followed by Kamal Haasan as a role model. Kamal has spoken very proudly about his performance in many interviews. In that sense he is an acting monster who transcends the Lord.

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