‘Rebelde’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Who Won The Battle Of The Bands?


Netflix’s Latin American sequence, Rebelde, follows six high college youngsters who approach at a non-public boarding college, Elite Manner College, to pursue their ardour for tune. The sequence explores the connection between these six contributors who face challenges from a secret society called “The Hotel.” Their non-public struggles, college politics, and sophistication conflicts add a further layer of drama to the display veil. Nonetheless, although the sequence retains you entertained, it has dinky to attain with the sentiments of “insurrection” or “riot.” On the tip of it all, it’s actual one other teenage drama that explores advanced teenage affairs.

Directed by Santiago Limón, Rebelde Season 1 has eight episodes of 40 minutes every (roughly). Within the sequence, Celina Ferrer, alumni of EWS who studied on the college in 2004, has now turn out to be the famous in 2022. One other character, Jana Cohen’s mother, is an alumnus and ex-member of “The Hotel,” and uniforms of the frail RBD band originate an appearance too, making 2022 Rebede an prompt sequel to the 2004 Telenovela sequence of the identical title.

‘Rebelde’ Season 1: Synopsis & Valuable Characters

As the fresh timeframe at Elite Manner College begins, six college students from assorted backgrounds but with a shared ardour for tune be half of the freshman year to hone their talents as musicians. Our beginners college students are:

  • Jana Cohen Gandia is a notorious social media giant title who wishes to be higher than a mannequin and sharpen her abilities as a musician to turn out to be a lead vocalist finally. Her mother-cum-supervisor is an ex-scholar of EWS and doesn’t need Jana to leave her a hit profession as a mannequin to turn out to be a musician. Jana is relationship a senior at EWS, Sebastián “Seba” Langarica, whose mother is town’s Mayor.
  • Estebán Torres lives alongside with his widowed father and has earned a scholarship to test in EWS. He enrolls in a boarding college to study the fact about his mother, who left him right by means of his childhood. Estebán falls in bask in with Jana, and in explain that they delivery a romantic relationship.
  • Luka Colucci is the son of a properly off Argentinian businessman, Marcelo Colucci. Marcelo is an estranged father who wishes Luka to affix the industry program at EWS rather than the musical excellence program. Marcelo will most likely be the largest board member of EWS and takes crucial selections on behalf of assorted contributors. Though Luka joins the beginners band with Jana and others, he consistently breaks the solidarity by means of his college politics.
  • Guillermo “Dixon” Alvarez is a Colombian avenue rapper born to properly off and influential lawyers in Colombia. Nonetheless, Dixon hides his prosperous background, believing it may well perchance perchance also atomize his avenue image. Dixon aspires to be a rapper and has feelings for one other freshman, Maria “MJ” Jose.
  • Andi Agosti is from a heart-class family, who wishes to preserve some distance from her mother’s toxic boyfriend. She is a lesbian and is attracted to a senior named Emilia Alo. Later within the sequence, she begins a romantic relationship with Emilia.
  • Maria “MJ” Jose is an evangelical Christian who hails from California. MJ lies to her folks about EWS and tells them she has enrolled in a spiritual musical conservatory in Mexico Metropolis. Though MJ has feelings for Dixon, she joins Seba’s band within the tip.

As shortly because the fresh college students settle in their dorms, EWS famous Celina Ferrer informs them in regards to the musical excellence program (MEP) audition. Nonetheless, sooner than the audition, some masked seniors who are share of the principle society called The Hotel slide the beginners out of their rooms at 3: 00 within the morning and are trying to haze them. But why? Let’s explore extra.

What used to be “The Hotel”? What Did They Favor?

Within the Rebelde universe, the Hotel is a secret society created by properly off and prosperous college students to bully the kids who signal up in EWS with a scholarship. In most cases, it used to be fashioned to power sad and heart-college college students to quit college so that the properly off may well most likely even again their supremacy. The secret bully society used to be led by Sebastián “Seba” Langarica, who used to be the son of Mexico Metropolis’s strongest person, the Mayor.

Thru the Hotel, the Rebelde sequence tried to plan a line between the properly off and the sad college students. Let’s bellow, when Dixon attended his first class, a senior bully named Kuri threw racist remarks at him. Later, Luka found the hazing video recorded by the masked seniors on Kuri’s cell phone, which pointed out that Kuri used to be a member of the Hotel. Nonetheless, they spared Dixon due to the he wasn’t sad for inch and hid his true identification. The Hotel’s indispensable target used to be Estebán Torres, who bought admission into EWS below a special scholarship.

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Apart from the category battle, Seba had also grown a non-public enmity with Estebán, who had began a relationship with Seba’s ex-girlfriend, Jana. Seba used to be jealous of Estebán’s pure skill and wished to get him expelled. Thru Luka, Seba blackmailed Estebán to sabotage the semi-closing spherical for their band, “Without Name.”

Estebán enrolled at EWS to acquire out about his mother, Rocio Esquivel, who old to work as Luka’s tune trainer sooner than she disappeared. Luka promised Estebán to demand about Rocio from his father Marcelo handiest if Estebán would replace the tune video with one other video to sabotage his band’s probabilities to pick out the Fight of the Bands. To get his mother’s whereabouts, Estebán did what Luka and the Hotel wished, and disappeared from the college.

On the tip of Rebelde, Seba celebrated Luka as a share of his secret society due to the Luka used to be the son of a properly off businessman. His father, Marcelo, used to be a terminate friend of Seba’s mother. Briefly, Seba used to be actual playing the properly off, spoiled brat who wished to narrate his class supremacy. Thankfully, Luka used to be not a conventional Colucci. He not handiest declined Seba’s provide but as well exposed the bullies to the sector.

Who Became Rocio? Why She Left Her Son Estebán?

One other layer that Rebelde tried to explore (but failed miserably) used to be class domination by the elite class. At loads of intervals, characters, by means of their dialogues, counsel that the arts are extra about connections, networks, and economics than skill. The indispensable examples of this thought were Jana Cohen and Sebastián Langarica, whose prosperous folks supported their ardour and made their hurry easy. Emilia pointed out that Jana’s father used to be a tune producer who produced singles for his daughter.

This class battle within the arts used to be majorly talked about within the subplot centered around Estebán’s mother, Rocio Esquivel. Rocio old to work with Marcelo sooner than she become Luka’s tune trainer. All the method by means of this time, she used to be married to Chava but began a rush with Marcelo. She become pregnant with Marcelo’s dinky one and gave starting up to Estebán, who used to be Marcelo’s son. When she revealed the fact to Marcelo, he asked Rocio to preserve some distance from his family and, in trade, provided her cash. The the same used to be written in a letter sent by Marcelo to Rocio that used to be found by Estebán.

Rocio didn’t desire to stay wide awake as a mother, and thus she left Estebán with Chava and disappeared to follow her ardour. Later, Estebán realized that his mother had turn out to be a notorious jazz singer. A fan on the club where Rocio used to be performing commented that one needs higher than skill to originate it within the tune alternate. It’s much less about what they’ve and extra about who they know.

Nonetheless, within the tip, Estebán told Luka that he used to be his step-brother from one other mother. The 2 brothers hesitantly tried to embody their fresh relationship and get revenge on their identical old enemy, Seba.

‘Rebelde’ Season 1: Ending, Defined – Who Won The Fight Of The Bands?

After a indispensable transformation, Luka tried to proper his past mistakes. He introduced the band contributors collectively and, with their abet, exposed Seba and his secret society, the Hotel. Celina Ferrer, the famous, used to be bowled over to acquire out that her secretary, Anita, used to be a share of this association. Anita’s involvement with the Hotel used to be pretty inaccurate as she didn’t belong to the elite class, a level that Luka underlined satirically. She handiest bought the membership due to the she used to be drowsing with Seba.

After the bullies were exposed, Ferrer expelled your whole seniors and Anita, but the board made up our minds now to not touch Seba due to the he used to be the Mayor’s son. As a replace, Marcelo ordered Ferrer to rusticate Luka, who would then be compelled to affix the industry program and elevate on their family legacy. In trade for their silence on the topic, Ferrer granted “Without Name” a wild card entry into the finals, where they competed against Seba’s band (XY) and Laura’s band.

Seba’s duet accomplice Emilia left his band, XY, and expressed her feelings to Andi on the stage right by means of Laura’s performance within the finale. Nonetheless, Maria Jose felt sorry for Seba and made up our minds to betray her possess band and be half of Seba for the closing performance. She knew about Jana’s notion to bring Luka on stage. If that is so, Ferrer would have disqualified the band and crushed their chances of a hit the competition. MJ didn’t desire to lose the battle of the bands, her failure would end result in her folks taking her encourage to California, shattering her wishes of changing into a pop musician. Due to this fact, she made up our minds to betray Dixon and her band for her possess selfish ambitions.

Earlier than their closing performance, Jana and her band shared Seba’s video, publicly exposing him and his secret society. They won the hearts of their viewers by performing Rebelde’s customary musical single, “I’m Rebellious,” on the tip, but sadly lost the competition.

Marcello disqualified the band for their indiscipline and indecency. Though the consequence used to be not launched, it used to be particular that Seba won the competition. If that is so, the authorities will most likely be compelled to expel Seba too. As a end result, Laura’s band will pick the Fight of the Bands.

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‘Rebelde’ Season 2: Expectations

Earlier than their closing performance, Jana broke up with Estebán due to the she wished to impeach herself sooner than alive to about bask in and relationships. She urged Estebán to stay doing things for assorted folks and resolve out what he wished to attain in lifestyles. Within the sequence, Estebán handiest came to EWS to acquire out about his mother and for inch had no purpose or ambition for his skill. Due to this fact, “Rebelde” Season 2 will doubtlessly follow Estebán’s hurry to impeach his dream, while the subplot will extra explore the connection between Estebán and Jana.

Seba found a fresh accomplice in MJ, and Season 2 will probably continue his relationship with her. On the assorted hand, Luka left the college, but he dropped the bomb on his father by revealing about his step-brother. Though Marcello already knew that Rocio used to be pregnant alongside with his dinky one, he didn’t know his son used to be studying at EWS. Due to this fact, Season 2 will explore the storyline with Estebán and Marcello on the center of the battle, while the beginners college students will graduate to their closing years. One other spherical of Fight of the Bands is on the model, and “Without a Name” will certainly pick the next time around.

Rebelde is a 2022 Coming of Age Drama Series directed by Santiago Limón. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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