Reena Rai’s allegations against Deep Sidhu’s brother, shared the post and said these things

Jalandhar (Bureau) – Famous actor of Punjabi film industry Deep Sidhu had died in a horrific road accident some time back. His girlfriend Reena Rai was also with him during the accident, which has caused a great deal of controversy. Let me tell you that Reena Rai has shared a post on social media story accusing Deep Sidhu’s brother Mandeep Sidhu in which he has accused Mandeep Sidhu of harassing him. Reena said that she and her family were blocked from Deep Sidhu’s social handle and also told that the belongings of me and Deep Sidhu which were lying in Deep’s Mumbai apartment were also in Mandeep Sidhu’s possession. Has taken


Reena Rai said she could not believe that Mandeep could do such a thing. With Mandeep’s move, she is devastated. Reena Rai, while sharing the post, also said that she had a good relationship with Deep Sidhu but Mandeep was abusing her. He did not expect that from them.


At the same time, Reena Rai has said that Mandeep Sidhu has blocked all the social media accounts of Deep Sidhu, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and all the posts and pictures that Deep Sidhu shared while he was alive. All those who shared about Reena Rai on the account have been removed. He also said that deleting pictures or posts which is the real truth you can’t hide the truth, God is watching.


It may be recalled that Deep Sidhu persisted with the farmers till the end regarding the agriculture laws. Later, Deep Sidhu was arrested by the police in connection with the January 26 violence in Delhi on Republic Day. A special cell of Delhi Police, which has been searching for Deep Sidhu for about 15 days, arrested Sidhu from Zirakpur early on Tuesday. Police had placed a reward of Rs one lakh on him.

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