Rekha jumped on the field

The Bharathikannamma series airing on Vijay TV has many interesting things on the stage. In other words, Vijay TV has dropped Rekha, who was a leading actress on the silver screen at one time, as the mother of Venpaa in order to end Willy Venpaa’s role in the series.

Rekha, who has come as Sharmila, is waiting for many action twists in the Bharathikannamma series. Recently Soundarya’s friend Vikram has a new hospital opening ceremony. Kannamma also works in this hospital.

Venpaa and her mother Sharmila are coming to the show. Introduces Bharati, Venpa and his mother to everyone there. In this situation Soundarya and Sharmila meet and talk. Sharmila says she came to India to marry Venpaa.

Soundarya is a very good thing for that, see a good groom and get married right away. An already married guy, a divorced guy should not have everything to get a good stepfather groom. Also, Soundarya says what makes you happy till you get married to Venpaa.

In this situation, the police come there and try to take Venpaa away. Then Sharmila called my daughter and asked her to come out and stay. According to the police, the order has been issued to cancel the bail and put Venpaa back in jail.

They also take the girl to the police station. Sharmila who came there says you are a condition that I take bail. He says you want to hear what I have to say at your wedding. Immediately start saying Venpaa Bharati, Sharmila says shut your mouth.

And don’t talk about Bharti anymore. On hearing this, Venpaa goes away. Thus Venpaa is likely to get married very soon.

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