Remarkable Detail in “Avatar 2” Trailer!

The first trailer released from the movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” and a detail in the images confused the minds…

The first trailer for Avatar 2, which is directed by James Cameron and is officially called “Avatar: The Way of Water”, was shared yesterday. While the trailer of the long-awaited sequel excited the fans, some changes in both the trailer and the official images released from the movie confused them. The trailer and images reveal a green Na’vi, and there’s probably an important reason behind this difference.

Avatar 2’s story follows Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) as they venture to the uncharted territory of Pandora during the events of 2009. Therefore, this movie will introduce some new environments and characters that were not seen in the previous movie. The first Avatar was primarily focused on the Na’vi and their fight against the humans who were exploiting Pandora’s natural resources, but Avatar 2’s story already promises to be a much deeper and more complex affair.

The first trailer for Avatar 2 shares relatively little about the film’s expressiveness, but one change in the portrayal of Na’vi stands out: characters that are distinctly green, unlike the blue characters from the original movie. The fact that Kate Winslet, who was included in the cast with the sequel, is one of these characters, shows that this is an important change.

It is not known for certain why he is the green-skinned Na’vi in ​​the movie, but this is likely related to the “Metkayina” tribe from Avatar 2. Jake and Neytiri travel to the shores of Pandora to join forces with Metkayina, so the green characters could be representatives of this new geographic location.

Since the Avatar only shows one part of Pandora, it’s entirely possible from a story standpoint that the other Na’vi characters’ appearances change. The most likely reason for including this change in the story is that it makes it easier to distinguish characters from two different tribes at a glance. If Avatar 2 is as epic a movie as it promises, that distinction will definitely be necessary.

Since Avatar 2 takes place long enough after Avatar, it’s also possible that the green-skinned characters are linked to human intervention on Pandora. These Na’vi may have been influenced in some way by the human influence on Pandora’s environment, which will serve an important purpose in the film’s narrative.

However, there is little evidence of this idea in the trailer or synopsis released for Avatar 2, making it unclear what exactly the green-skinned Na’vi’s nature is. It looks like we’ll have to wait until December 16 to understand what’s going on in the unexplored parts of Pandora…

You can watch the trailer of the movie at the link below:

Avatar: Water's Way Subtitle Trailer

Avatar: Water’s Way Subtitle Trailer

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