Rent-a-Girlfriend: Mizuhara Chizuru’s Catalyst right into Tsundere Status

Rent-a-Girlfriend: Mizuhara Chizuru's Catalyst right into Tsundere Status
Rent-a-Girlfriend: Mizuhara Chizuru's Catalyst right into Tsundere Status

Ichinose “Mizuhara” Chizuru is the unwavering lead tsundere of Rent-a-Girlfriend. Her childhood years discusses why she became who she is.

Ichinose Chizuhara, referred to as Mizuhara, is Rent-a-Girlfriend’s intense as well as major tsundere character. She’s positive, fierce, withstands everybody, and also sustains others when she can. Below this strong, adamant, reputable character, is a very caring, understanding, and type heart. After Chizuru brings Kazuya to see her grandma, she leaves the area as well as Kazuya expresses that he really admires Chizuru to her grandma. Both have a wholehearted discussion concerning Chizuru’s youth.

Kazuya passionately explains that he loves just how Chizuru has every little thing with each other and also is unbelievably strong-willed. Chizuru’s grandma laughs at this and also exposes that Chizuru really isn’t as solid as Kazuya believes she is. She reminiscences on the childhood Chizuru, describing that the older youngsters in the neighborhood made use of to make her cry a whole lot which Chizuru was needy, sensitive, as well as could not stand the feeling of loneliness.

This is the reason why Ichinose Chizuru is the tsundere that hides her true feelings. She acts solid and also hides her feelings to not seem weak as well as not obtain harassed by others as a result of the rough experience being bullied in her childhood. When Mami was bullying him, this describes why she got furious and also stood up for Kazuya at the restaurant in Season 1 of Rent-a-Girlfriend.

Chizuru can comprehend Mami Nanami’s personality to a particular factor, as seen in the finale of Rent-a-Girlfriend’s very first season due to this. Mami Nanami often discloses herself to her pals yet puts on a different character in front of Kazuya, Chizuru sees via this since she does the exact same point.

In psychology, this habits is called covering up. It’s important for a lot of public as well as expert situations, and also while not inherently negative, extended masking can frequently make people worn down. This is due to the exhaustion of having to purposely maintain appearances. At the end of the day when alone, this mask can crumble as well as the individual discloses exactly how they truly feel. This is shown in the previous episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend, “Dream and Girlfriend”, where Mizuhara falls to the floor in darkness and cries alone in her space.

As he informed Mizuhara at the beginning of the episode the normal Mizuhara is his optimal lady. He doesn’t like it when Chizuru acts. If Chizuru can just totally open up to Kazuya, end up being susceptible, and drop the tsundere act, possibly the 2 might discover true love and also joy with each various other.

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