RGV: Verma shocking tweet on KGF-2’s proof-of-stars remuneration!

Now the name “KGF-2” is heard everywhere. Director Verma has always been at the forefront of exploiting the craze for such huge films. Recently, Verma tweeted that the proof is that the “KGF-2” movie is a hit and that good quality content will come if the stars do not waste money on remuneration. Verma tweeted, “The KGF 2 Monster hit is clear proof that more quality, great hits will come if money is spent on making without wasting money on stars’ remuneration.”

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A similar debate erupted in the AP a few days ago when the government reduced ticket rates. According to moviegoers, the movie will be completed on a low budget if the heroes reduce their remuneration. Now Varma’s tweet seems to be aimed at them. However, in the same context, it is known that Verma also spoke in support of Tollywood. It is learned that Verma also recently tweeted about our South films like Bahubali, RRR, KGF-2 breaking records in Beetown.

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