Rick and Morty Season 5 Promo Gives Terrifying Spin on Hereditary

Rick and Morty Season 5 Promo Gives Terrifying Spin on Hereditary

Rick and Morty has made its big comeback with season five, and all eyes are on the show right now. After going viral a few years back, the Adult Swim comedy has become a cultural phenomenon in more ways than one. From its jokes to its heroes, Rick and Morty is willing to cross the line in the name of glory. And now, fans have to decide if the new Rick and Morty promo goes too far.

The update hit Youtube today as Adult Swim put up a new promo for Rick and Morty. This new clip is very short as it clocks in under thirty seconds. Much like its previous promos, this season five bit catches fans’ attention with its unique aesthetic, but this one ends with a bloody finish.

rick morty hereditary
(Photo: Adult Swim)

As you can see above, the clip adapts an infamous scene from Hereditary, the hit horror film by Ari Aster. Rick and Morty tackles the movie by putting its youngest lead in the place of Peter Graham. Morty is seen driving his sister Summer on a barely lit road, and the older girl is shown panicking. It because clear quickly that Summer is acting much like Peter’s sister in Hereditary after she is hit with an allergic reaction. And much like in the horror flick, Summer tries to relieve herself as Charlie did.

Of course, if you have seen Hereditary, you know what comes next. Summer has her head torn off by a tree as she sticks her head out of the car to get fresh air. The clip ends with Morty staring ahead with the back of the car covered in blood. And the only reason this promo isn’t heavily censored is thanks to its claymation styling.


This is not the first horror-centric promo released by Rick and Morty, but it is the most terrifying. Hereditary is considered one of the genre’s most disturbing films in recent years, so Adult Swim leaned into that reputation in this clip. So if you need to watch some kitten or cute animals after seeing this promo, you aren’t alone.

What do you make of this new Rick and Morty short? What do you make of this promo’s dark vision? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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