RIP Narayan Das Narang: Tributes to cine and political celebrities

Narayanadas Narang, the current president of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, head of the Asian Group of Theaters, chairman, producer, distributor and financier of Global Cinemas, went missing this morning. Movie celebrities who are aware of his absence are paying tribute to him as a social media platform. Heroes like Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu and Sivakarthikeyan tweeted their deepest condolences to the family of Narayanadas Narang.

Narayan K. Das Narang’s death is tragic: Kodali Nani

Narayan K. Das Narang, President of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce, has been hailed as an arch-enemy in the film industry. Special service as exhibitor and distributor in Nizam .Their death is tragic. I extend my deepest sympathies to their family members.

The death of Narayan K Das Narang Gari hurt me personally: Vallabhaneni Vamsi

I am personally saddened by the death of Narayan K. Das Narang, a prominent distributor and head of Asian Groups. Nizam is well known in the industry as a distributor. It is unfortunate that such a person is gone .. I offer my condolences to their family members .. I wish peace to his Holy Spirit – Vallabhaneni Vamsi.

Peace be upon the soul of Narayan Das Narang .. Nallamalupu Bujji !!

I have a good relationship with Narayan Das and their son Sunil. Peace be upon his Holy Spirit and my deepest sympathies to their family members – Nallamaluvu Buzzi

The death of Narayan K. Das is a huge loss to the industry .. VV Vinayak !!

As a distributor, exhibitor and producer, he is a friendly person with everyone in the film industry. Also their son Sunil is a successful distributor. He has been producing a number of films recently. The absence of Narayan Das at such a time is a huge loss to the industry. Peace be upon their souls – VV Vinayak

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