Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Ends On a FrustratingFiller Note

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Ends On a FrustratingFiller Note
Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Ends On a FrustratingFiller Note

Period 2 of The Rising of the Shield Hero has actually perhaps fallen short to live up to its precursor– particularly being half the length– but at least it upright a high note in Episode 12. Or rather, the plot itself was ended in Episode 12, while real last episode of the season operates even more like the unique functions section of a DVD release.

Episode 13 does not advance the story of Shield Hero; at most, a few lines of discussion vaguely mean future developments or experiences for these characters, consisting of Kizuna the Hunting Hero as well as even Filo, who misses her capability to fly in L’Arc Berg’s globe. Or else, Season 2 finishes with a total whimper after the moderately rewarding bang of Episode 12.

Season 2, Episode 13 of Shield Hero uses almost all its runtime to explore the season’s main personalities talking to one another about their warm memories from current adventures; even the introduction credit scores are missed to make time for everything. The episode begins with Naofumi’s very own adventurer group back home in the Kingdom of Melromarc, with Filo missing her flying capabilities and Rishia battling to aid set up camp that evening.

On one idyllic mid-day, Raphtalia lovingly thinks back with Naofumi regarding a side quest throughout her time in L’Arc Berg’s own world. When she traveled with Kizuna, Rishia and Naofumi Because flashback, the 3 girls enjoy trying out various outfits– consisting of samurai armor for Raphtalia and also even modern-style swimsuits for the three of them– in a lovely moment of cosplay fun. The series reveals little concerning the characters past a surface degree.

Various other sequences in Episode 13 entail contemporary characters thinking back on their recent adventures also, including Raphtalia remembering an amusing scene that occurs in an army camp right before the fight versus the Spirit Tortoise. In that recall, Rishia, Raphtalia, Filo and Ost Hourai all chat around the campfire as well as indulge in some R-rated talk.

Rishia asks Ost concerning recommendations to expand closer to Naofumi, as well as an interested Raphtalia and also Filo ask to listen to much more, with Ost whispering rowdy things in their ears. Lastly, Episode 13 portrays Kizuna and also her enemy-turned-ally Yomugi fishing in their own globe, with Yomugi recalling an entertaining story concerning the villainous Kyo Ethnina trying to find his glasses– which had been perched atop his head. Also toxic villains like Kyo are capable of sitcom hijinks, it appears.

Episode 13 wraps up on a much more significant note, with Naofumi’s team seeing a high cliff neglecting the Spirit Tortoise’s final resting location as well as throwing an arrangement of blossoms in Ost Hourai’s memory. They depart feeling satisfied that they still fondly remember her brave sacrifice to help beat Kyo throughout an earlier fight. It’s unclear what type of adventures Naofumi’s event will certainly have in Season 3, however at the very least they have closure where Ost and the Spirit Tortoise are worried. The team is more tightly-knit as well as certain than ever before, ready for whatever may come.

Shield Hero’s season finale does very little for the tale all at once, and the majority of its scenes are simply filler. They portray enjoyable events that happened earlier on but offered just how hurried Season 2 was, there was no time at all to show those scenes, so Episode 13 salvages a few of them. In addition to the Ost memorial scene, however, the remainder is totally skippable, with Episode 12 feeling much more like the season’s true final thought.

On the bonus side, Episode 13’s memorial scene aids strengthen how much kinder as well as much more emotional Naofumi has come to be as a hero. Gone are his bitter loner days for a truly symbolic Cardinal Hero who takes the chance of life and arm or leg for others– not just for his own survival– and also he has actually embraced the power of friendship like never ever before. Ost has actually done a lot for Naofumi in the battle versus evil, and also he understands he owes her a great financial obligation for that. It’s a great way to improve Naofumi’s likability and also distance him from his dark early days, making him the kind of Shield Hero fans will certainly want to see when Season 3 gets here.

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