RK Suresh intimidating weird movie trailer in Bala alliance .. Will the challenge to Blue T-shirt Maran win?

Recently producer and actor RK Suresh has been acting in a selection of many good stories. The trailer of the weird movie where he has made a difference in his acting in that way is currently out.

This weirdo is a remake of the movie Joseph which has amassed a huge collection in Malayalam. Padmakumar, who directed the film, has also directed the Tamil remake. The film not only grossed, but also garnered numerous awards.

In that sense, the film will be released globally on May 6 in the hope of attracting fans in Tamil as well. RK Suresh’s performance in this trailer which has just been released is terrifying.

The trailer starts with double murders early on. Each of the scenes that follows it is crime, thriller style. RK Suresh has made a difference in the character of Mayan as a young and old character.

And the scenes in which he struggles to find the murder case of a woman named Stella, and his expressions of indifference have surprised fans. GV Prakash’s background music also adds to this.

The film, which stars Poorna, Madhushalini and many others including Prince, has now created some anticipation among the fans. Fans who have seen its original Malayalam film expect the Tamil remake to be just as intimidating.

RK Suresh on stage attacked that Blue T-shirt Maran is misreporting some films. That is, he directly challenged one of his films to come out and critique it. It remains to be seen whether that challenge will be overcome by the fairytale film.

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