Rocky Boy Camel Hunt In Another Fortress Of Vijay – Kgf 2 Defeats Beast

Vijay’s Beast was released on April 13 and Kgf 2 starring Yash was released on April 14. Both these films had great anticipation among the fans.

Beast did not live up to that expectation, and now Rocky Boy is just getting mixed up.

Vijay has been feasting with the film crew without seeing the film critics and Yash has also celebrated the success of the film.

Box office details are changing day by day.

Malaysia box office

Vijay’s films will be well received not only in Tamil Nadu and Kerala but also in Malaysia. But this time the Beast film did not get a proper reception there either.

Rocky Boy Kingdom is happening there now and then.

In Malaysia, the Kgf 2 film received 8 million according to the local currency, but Vijay’s Beast received only 6.2 million. Rocky Boy is mixing in another castle of Vijay.

Beast 200 crore collection is real … Tirupur Subramaniam who broke down

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