Roja Serial Arjun on stage listening to the story of the fan! Emotional video ..

Arjun blindfolded by the fan

Rose is one of the major serials airing on popular Sun TV, and this serial has been airing for almost 4 years.

Actress Priyanka Nalgari will play the role of Roja and Chipu Suriyaan will play the role of Arjun.

And recently there was an awards ceremony for Sun TV’s iconic stars. In this, the character of the hero Arjun of the Roja serial has won the award as the Man who impressed the mind.

While receiving the award Chip gifted a photo of himself to an avid child fan of the sun. After that, Chippu went to the stage to lift the hand of the fan who came to affectionately claiming that the disabled fan is Anna.

The video is currently going viral on the internet.

The family of the late actor Vivek who is happy- here is the reason with the video

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