RRR aimed at Himalayan collections for KGF 2 movie!

Himalayan collections of RRR film

Indian cinema has been seeing South Indian cinema in recent times, mainly because of the films made here.

Thus director Rajamouli directed the RRR film following the Brahmanda Bhagwati films. The film was released last month and has been collecting worldwide.

And it has been officially announced that the film has grossed over Rs 1100 crore worldwide so far.

Break KGF Chapter 2

Meanwhile KGF Chapter 2 has been released recently with great anticipation to break the RRR and has received great support from the fans.

KGF 2 has grossed over Rs 720 crore in its first week. It remains to be seen whether the film will break the RRR image collection in the coming days.

5th Week Successful RRR Movie- Total Collection Details

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