RRR movie hero who died at the box office .. Beast is okay to say now

Acharya, a film starring Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi, was released last week with great anticipation. It starred Pooja Hegde opposite Ram Charan and Sonu Sood as the villain. The RRR film directed by Rajamouli was released last month.

The film, starring Ramcharan and Jr. NDR, grossed crores of rupees. The Acharya film, which was released after that, was expected to garner huge box office receipts.

Accordingly, the film grossed over Rs 50 crore on its first day of release. But to the shock of the film crew who had hoped that there would be a lot of collections going on, it is said that the collections of the film are not as much as expected at present.

Despite the crowd of fans for the film over the weekend, the film has garnered very low collections in the last two days. And there is a situation where the film can still escape without loss only if it collects almost Rs 100 crore.

But that is unlikely to happen in the coming days. In that sense the film is currently taking a death blow at the box office. Similarly, the Beast film starring Vijay was met with mixed reviews.

So the film showed mass in the collections as it was said that it would fail. Even two weeks after the film’s release, it still has a significant audience in theaters.

In that sense, it is safe to say that Beast’s did not go unnoticed. But Ram Saran did not get that luck and this surprise film failed and shocked many.

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