The upcoming sci-fi movie Rubikon has a quite grim viewpoint for Earth and all of its residents. Embed in 2056, the story follows the development of a toxic cloud of contamination that swallows the world and eliminates the large bulk people. With such a damaging circumstance playing out right prior to their eyes, it’s up to a group of astronauts to choose if it’s worth it to leave their spaceport station and fly back to Earth, or just begin a brand-new civilization without risking their lives. It won’t be quite.

The trailer for Rubikon reveals an impressive-looking spaceport station drifting above the huge surface area of world Earth. It’s shortly prior to Earth’s electrical lights begin fading out and the world gets taken control of by a dark cloud. And, despite the fact that we aren’t all astronauts, we sure can associate with the “now what?” expressions on their faces as they unsuccessfully attempt to interact with Earth and begin recognizing that they might be the couple of survivors of whatever took place down at their (previous?) house.


And it worsens: On top of needing to handle the reality that most of the human population is gone, the group of astronauts begins going head-to-head over what they are expected to do next. An algae symbiosis system remains in place and could keep them alive enough time to begin a brand-new civilization, however what about whoever’s left down on Earth? As the trailer highlights, ethical choices and conversations will be at the extremely core of Rubikon.

Rubikon is directed by Leni Lauritsch, an Austrian filmmaker who makes her function movie launching after working as a cinematographer and on production business to fund her movie research studies. She co-writes the script with Jessica Lind, who likewise makes her function movie launching. The cast functions Julia Franz Richter (L’animale), George Blagden (Les Misérables), and Mark Ivanir (The Human Resources Supervisor).

Rubikon premieres both in theaters and on-demand on July 1.

You can watch the trailer listed below:

Take a look at the main summary here:

2056. A toxic cloud of contamination has actually swallowed the earth, eliminating unknown numbers. The worlds countries have actually liquified, with all power now in the hands of huge corporations. The abundant retreat to sealed biodomes while the bad choke and starve. On the spaceport station Rubikon, Hannah (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin (George Blagden), and Dimitri (Mark Ivanir) weigh the fate of the world’s survivors. Should these crewmembers risk their own lives on a rescue objective to the surface area, or disregard the vintage to develop a brand-new among security and privacy, living off the station’s advanced algae symbiosis system? Versus the large canvas of the universes, 3 people with various worldviews dispute their ethical obligation to the types, all while coming to grips with the prompt misery of seclusion.