Someone constantly needs to be the very first to go, however for queens from RuPauls Drag Race, going house initially doesnt suggest that they wont get a possibility to go back to the competitors.

Some Drag Race queens who went house initially have actually gone on to be fan favorites, others, not a lot. Reports have actually been swirling in the fandom that a first-eliminated season is on the horizon, so possibly much more queens will get a 2nd opportunity to make a long lasting effect.

10. Kelly Mantle – Season 6 Best 1

Kelly Mantle is a star, vocalist, and drag entertainer. She utilizes her provided name as her drag name because she desires it to be much easier for casting directors to look her up. Mantle belonged of the very first group of queens presented in Season 6. She was entrusted with developing a Downton Abbey-themed attire from a box of products however was slammed for the product on her gown appearing like bacon. She went house after losing a lip sync to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” versus Lively.

In 2014, Mantle starred in the movie Confessions of a Womanizer together with Gary Busey. Mantle, who is gender fluid, made history by being the very first individual eligible for both male and female best-supporting star. Presently, she belongs of the band the Rollz Royces with Michael Catti and Drag Race alumni, Tammie Brown.


9. June Jambalaya – Season 14

Although June was put in the bottom in the very first episode and beat Orion Story in the lip sync, she was the very first queen to be sent out house, and not return. The 3rd episode was a ball difficulty, and June discovered herself in the bottom once again. She was sent out house after a lip sync of “I Love It” by Kylie Minogue.

June is a queen from Flordia, who is understood for her dancing abilities, and her elegant appearances. Although fans didn’t get to see a lot of of her attires this season, she did get to reveal a couple of appearances. She returned to the reunion using a spectacular orange dress and was thought about among the best dressed at the ending.

8. Naysha Lopez – Season 8

Naysha Lopez is a previous Miss Continental winner and is understood for her “fishy” charm, and curvy figure, which she confessed to having “enhanced” in a comical minute throughout the Season 8 ending. Naysha is a Chicago queen, who lost her very first lip sync to Woman Gaga’s “Applause” versus Season 8 sibling, Laila McQueen.

Naysha was the very first queen to location last, then be restored later on in the season. RuPaul welcomed her back after Laila and Dax Exclamation Points double removal. She returned in episode 3 however was gotten rid of once again in episode 4. Naysha is still completing in pageants and just recently put runner-up in 2021’s Mr.Continental.

7. Kahmora Hall – Season 13

Kahmora Hall was the very first to sashay away after losing a lip sync to fellow Chicago queen, Denali. Elliott With 2 T’s was technically the very first queen to be gotten rid of after losing her lip sync, and being voted out by the other queens in the “Porkchop Loading Zone”. Nevertheless, she returned in the next episode, making Kahmora the main very first gotten rid of queen from Season 13.

Kahmora calls herself the “Mackie Doll” and shows this by using sensational Bob Mackie numbers, including her iconic golden dragon gown that she wore throughout the episode. She returned in Season 14 for Episode 5, “Save a Queen”, where the rivals needed to produce PSAs for a few of the very first gotten rid of queens.

6. Tempest DuJour – Season 7

Tempest is a Dad from Arizona, who is the second-oldest queen to ever complete on the program, the very first being Charlie Hides. She was gotten rid of initially in Season 7, after the “Born Naked” difficulty where she sported an uncommon crab over her lose fitting naked impression. Naturally, the bottom 2 queens are the ones who had actually been feuding throughout the episode, and Tempest loses the lip sync of “Geronimo” by RuPaul to Kandy Ho.

She returns later on in the season for the episode “Conjoined Queens”, where all the gotten rid of queens returned and were made over by the staying queens, to see who gets to go back to the competitors. Tempest was paired with Jaida Essence Hall, and they had a hard time to discover an appearance that would deal with their opposite bodies. Jaida was sent out house, making Tempest the only queen to ever sashay away two times, without going back to the competitors. She returned in Season 14 also to take part in the “Save A Queen” PSAs.

5. Jaymes Mansfield – Season 9

Jaymes Mansfield is a Wisconsin queen understood for her iconic high-pitched drag voice and puppeteering skills. Much to the dissatisfaction of her fans, she was the very first queen gotten rid of from Season 9. The very first episode of the season didn’t remove any queens, however Jaymes was informed to sashay away after putting in the bottom with Kimora Blac after the cheer difficulty in episode 2. The 2 queens carried out a lip sync to the B52’s “Love Shack”.

Jaymes likewise went back to the Drag Race phase in Season 14’s “Save A Queen” episode. She utilizes her YouTube channel to design wigs, do remodelings, bake, and speak about Drag Race. She has her own charm business and has actually styled a number of the wigs that other Drag Race queens have actually used.

4. Victoria “Porkchop” Parker – Season 1

Porkchop was on the inaugural season of Drag Race back in 2009. She is an accomplished pageant queen from North Carolina, being crowned Miss Continental in 2000. Porkchop discovered herself in the bottom with Akashia, and was sent out house after losing to her in a lip sync of RuPaul’s “Supermodel”.

Porkchop holds the significant honor of being the first-ever gotten rid of queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has actually ended up being a legend in the Drag Race neighborhood, being referenced numerous times throughout the series, and making numerous cameos. Porkchop ended up being a viral meme for her responses throughout the All-Stars 2 funny program.

3. Dahlia Sin – Season 12


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