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Rupaul’s Drag Race: The 10 Most Distinct Queens From Throughout The Franchise

These queens showed their individuality on the runway!

RuPaul’s Drag Race has actually assisted display numerous queens throughout the world. The truth competitors has actually seen funny queens, pageant queens, and whatever in between.

However that uncommon mix of charm, individuality, nerve, and skill, is what makes these queens a few of the most distinct, and initial from all throughout the franchise.

Willow Tablet – “Where Am I?”

Our present ruling queen, Willow Tablet, more than made her area on this list throughout her time on Season 14. Willow stomped onto Drag Race dressed in platform flip-flops, and rapidly ended up being the ‘angle’ of the season, winning not just the crown however an area in everybody’s hearts. Willow is a 27-year-old entertainer from Chicago. She deals with cystinosis, a kidney illness that triggers issues with her eyes, throat, and muscles. She speaks about how this impacts her life however likewise motivates her art through its darkness. Ms. Tablet made history on Drag Race as the very first honestly trans winner of a routine season.

Willow explains her brand name as “cute and creepy”, she has a twisted, happy, and nihilistic view of life, which shows in her drag. She quickly ended up being a fan favorite in the very first episode with her efficiency art piece where she entered into a bath tub filled with white wine, spaghetti, and a toaster. She ended the season with a Talking Heads-inspired enormous fit and 3 mannequin heads that were molds of her face. She states that a great deal of her motivation originates from females in funny, such as Kristen Wiig. Fans can’t wait to see more from Willow throughout her “terror of a reign”.

Yvie Unusually – “Odd Bless!”

Yvie Unusually was the winner of Season 11 and the drag sis of Willow Tablet. She’s a Denver queen understood for her contortion skills in addition to her distinct handmade looks. She experiences a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, which impacts the tissues in the skin, bones, capillary, and organs. This condition triggers her to be double-jointed, which she utilizes in her acts to shock audiences with her capability to flex and twist her body.

Yvie was rather ignored in her season by her siblings. Given that she chooses a scrappy, distinct design, some other queens saw her as unpolished, a review she’s gotten both on and off the program. However Yvie has actually utilized her platform to discuss the unjust expectations placed on drag queens, classism, in addition to the misconception of coping with a persistent disease.


Jimbo – “What would you do, tiny umbrella?”

Self-described drag clown-described drag clown Jimbo from BC Canada was a preferred in both seasons of Drag Race she appeared. Jimbo was initially seen in Season Among Canada’s Drag Race when she strolled into the workroom appearing like a BDSM Mickey Mouse. She, regrettably, didn’t make it to the ending that season, and she was thought about “robbed” by fans throughout the franchise. When Jimbo returned for UK vs.The World, fans were dissatisfied yet once again when she was sent out house in the 3rd episode by fellow rival Pangina Heals.

Jimbo is understood for her standout act upon UK vs. The World’s skill program. She carried out as a character from her home town act called ‘Casper the bologna ghost’. Dressed all in white other than for her weird black clown makeup, Jimbo carried out among the make bonkers phase numbers ever seen on the program. It was frightening and incredible.

Onyx – “I don’t want to live here anymore, I’m going back to my planet!”

Onyx was presented on the present season of Drag Race Espania, she was the winner of the 2nd episode of Drag Race, however regrettably, positioned in the bottom 2 in episode 5 after Snatch Video game and was sent out house. Fans are unfortunate to no longer have Onyx on their screens weekly, however given that the season is still airing, there is hope that she might return.

Onyx blew fans away in episode 2 with her skill program efficiency where she crawled out of a huge egg and after that brought to life a small alien child. She abandoned the runway later on that episode as an enormous four-legged beast. Onyx may not be on Drag Race any longer, however her jaw-dropping, distinct appearances advance her Instagram page.

Nina Bo’nina Brown – “Somebody has to be the messy one.”

Nina was a participant on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and hasn’t yet been seen on All-Stars, regardless of her being a fan choice every season. She lives and carries out in Atlanta, Georgia. Nina has actually been extremely singing about her battles with stress and anxiety and anxiety and frequently talks honestly with her fans on social networks. She likewise spoke on the program about being HIV favorable, and how that has actually impacted her life.

Nina had a couple of renowned moments on her season, such as the “I should have been Blac Chyna” debate, and sending out Valentina house throughout the notorious “I’d like to keep it on please” lipsync. She is understood for her full-body paint abilities, transformations/impressions, and her Drag Race examines on YouTube.

Milk – “We’re all just a bunch of clowns, aren’t we?”



Milk was another queen that was misconstrued in her season by fellow rivals. Milk revealed her skills in Season 6 as a unique and campy funny queen however was critiqued for not bringing enough glamour to her appearances. She triggered a big discourse around her appearance as “male RuPaul” on the primary phase. She was removed after the rap obstacle in episode 6 and returned for All-Stars 3, this time being removed in episode 3.

Regardless of not making it too far in the competitors both times around, Milk still has an army of devoted fans, who like her for not just her whacky take on drag however likewise her figure skating skills. She was a competitive figure skater for several years prior to doing drag and still includes those abilities into drag when she can. Lots of fans were taken by the drag queen’s look out of drag, and the New York City queen profited from this by producing an Onlyfans in 2020.

Kimchi – “I came to chop-suey the competition!”

A cherished makeup artist initially from Korea, Kimchi won fans’ hearts by not just being an outright sweetie however by bringing distinct and amazing want to the runway each and every single episode. She completed in Season 8 and made it to the last 3 along with Bob and Naomi. The top 3 of Season 8 were related to by fans as one of the best, and Kim was a big part of why.

She initially began doing drag with another precious candidate, Pearl and has a deep connection to All-Stars 3 winner, Trixie Mattel. She touched and stunned fans by discussing how her Mommy doesn’t understand she does drag. Kim has yet to appear on a season of All-Stars, however she did return for the Holi-Slay Incredible, in addition to Secret Celeb Drag Race. A great deal of her drag shows the designs of Korean culture, however she’s likewise spoken about how she can get motivated by anything. Kimchi’s wild and terrific appearances are frequently constructed out of paper and discovered products, something she has actually been doing her entire drag profession, due to her background as an artist.

Charity Kase – “All dressed up lookin’ like the dog’s dinner!”

Charity Kase was presented on Season 1 of Drag Race UK, she has yet to return for a 2nd season, however given that there has yet to be a correct season of UK All-Stars, fans are enthusiastic she will be back on their screens quickly. Charity was understood for not just her gorgeous, monstrous search Drag Race however likewise for her vulnerability in the workroom. She spoke in length about her battle with her HIV medical diagnosis and ending the surrounding preconception.

Charity has no lack of wild search her Instagram page, and she brought a few of the most sensational ones to the drag race phase. Fans of the macabre fell for Charity when she strolled into the workroom as gorgeous and frightening as ever, with a long Victorian period gown and blood leaking out of her mouth that was made to look huge and zombie-like. Charity states her name originates from her capability to craft things on a really low budget plan and change monstrous into glamour, or perhaps be both at the exact same time!

Crystal Methyd – “Make America glitter again!”

Crystal Methyd from Springfield Missouri is understood for her mullet, her style, and her astonishingly distinct take on drag. Crystal was a runner-up in Season 12 of Drag Race and is a precious, whacky queen from the program. Fans intend to see her returned to All-Stars quickly and bring much more of that distinct Crystal flare.

She has actually brought a few of the most renowned want to the program, such as her purple individuals eater beast, an enormous piñata, and her Burt & Ernie-inspired search for the transformation obstacle. She likewise brought an exceptionally distinct lipsync to the ending with more plumes and bird barf than ever seen on the program prior to.

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