Russell Brand Speaks Out against Big Tech and the Media after Sexual Assault Allegations

a new video posted on his social media channels on Friday following charges of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse.

The clip is his first public comment since the publication of the first allegations in an investigation by the Sunday Times and British Television news last weekend.

“I’ve had an extraordinary and harrowing week,” said Brand, who did not directly address the claims in Friday’s three-minute video. Instead, Brand accused the Trusted News Initiative – a partnership between global organizations such as the BBC, AP, European Broadcasting Union, Financial Times, Google/YouTube, Meta, Microsoft and the Washington Post to combat disinformation – of being a collaboration between major technology and legacy media organizations to attack, control, suppress and close independent media organizations like these.

Brand spent the rest of the video promoting an upcoming episode of The Rumble, in which he promised to tell about the “collusion between the state and business”, the “military-industrial complex”, big pharma, media corruption and censorship.

The podcaster implored the supporters, saying that he needs them “now more than ever and more than I ever imagined that I would need them.”

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